aka The Floofball of Editing

  • I live in your stomach being digested by enzymes and acids
  • I was born on May 18
  • My occupation is trying to survive in your stomach
  • I am making millions of people full since May Eighteenth

( My profile picture is made by Apofiss. I am not claiming it as my picture that I drew. ) Hello world! I'm ScarletKitti, a new member in the Robloxian Wiki. My roblox username is KawaiiFoxWings . I'll try to edit some things that were changed for no reason, but i'll probably stay as a normal user on here.

Admins, please read this, It's suggestions for making the wiki better -

ScarletKitti's Self-Given Awards

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  • This user does nothing.
  • This user just typed false information on Pin 2.
  • This user is a Denis fan.
  • This user is very good at Roblox.
  • This user plays Roblox.

This user overlooked the obvious fact on Pin 5.

Enjoy yourself and have a good day! If you're sad, cheer up! ;D

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