aka Sophie

  • I live in Beijing, China
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Wiki Editor
  • I am Female

Hello, SophieTheSapphire1! Glad for you to be happy in this wiki.

You don't have permission to edit my user pages on all wikias I'm in.

My very first edit is to the Dangerous Minigames page.

I mostly play Deathrun because it is cool.

You can call me...

  • Sophie
  • Sapphire
  • 1SapphireLeft
  • BlueLover
  • PinkLover
  • Denis Fan
  • Bella

I like coffee, so good, it makes me feel great,

COFFEELove This user LOVES coffee. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!! ☕☕☕



Favourite YouTubers

  • AshleyYosity (itsashleyyosity)
  • ChrisAndThe Mike (chrisatm)
  • Any others are good.


I know these games from YouTube!

  • Sharkbite by Abracadabra
  • Jailbreak by Badimo
  • Murder Mystery 2 by Nikilis (I hope I spelled his name right)
  • Assassin by prisman

What I need to do to help


  • Keep an eye for offensive things.
  • I will either contact Acebatonfan, Thundermaker300 or The JoTS (or maybe Mark, if he's active, and maybe Anzu-TLK if it's a spam comment/message or a inappropriate image)
  • I need to add the user's name and what he/she has done.
  • I will wait until the admin replies back.

Marking pages for deletion

  • Add the DELETE template to the article.
  • Give a reason why the page needs the DELETE template.
  • Save the edits.

Removing Vandalism

  • Go to the page, and look out for vandalism.
  • Undo the edits by the vandal.
  • Save the edits, when you save your edits, the vandalism will be gone!


coming soon

"My Goal" Challenge

3,000 This user has set a goal to make 3,000 edits.


Now it's time to make it to 3,000 edits.


This is a mini challenge for me, I will have to reach my goal to the number of edits required.

Dos and Don'ts to me

  • Do send kind things to me.
  • Do send a reminder to me,
  • Do say "sorry" to me.
  • Do follow the rules.


  • Don't send bad things to me.
  • Don't send inappropriate images to me.
  • Don't post a message saying that I'm good.
  • Don't rename pages to names with swear words or anything like that, otherwise I will rename them back to their usual name.

My discovery of ROBLOX

I first found ROBLOX in 2016, while watching a YouTube video, I discovered a game called ROBLOX High School and I wanted to make a High School game of my own. Plus, I played ROBLOX at the museum and the airport before! <3

My ROBLOX Accounts

Old Accounts

  • lucydiamond7899 (Active, 3rd ROBLOX Account)
  • indiamoonstone1998 (Inactive, 1st ROBLOX Account)
  • ScarlettGarnet2008 (Inactive, 2nd ROBLOX Account)

Mostly-Used Accounts

  • Blueberry3_OMG (Active, User mostly plays Titanic, Gamma Games and so much more...)
  • TheSapphireUnicorn1 (Active, User mostly plays Tornado Alley.)

Special Account...

  • SophieTheSapphire1 (She only accepts ROBLOXians that are an member of the ROBLOX Wikia.

I own a lot of ROBLOX accounts, but some were inactive,

What I Like


Groups I joined in ROBLOX

  • Focus Dance and Gymnastics
  • Spotlight Dance Academy
  • Shooting Stars
  • Olympic Gymnast Competition
  • Gravity Gymnastics

I only join Gymnasics/Dance groups.

Note that all of the groups listed above is private.

My info

  • My favourite color is blue
  • My favourite food is blueberries.
  • My favourite hobby is writing.
  • My favourite ROBLOX games are Natural Disaster Survival and The Normal Elevator.
  • My favourite ROBLOX Admins are ReeseMcBlox, bellavour, BrightEyes, V_yriss and Orca_Sparkles. The male ones will be StickMasterLuke, InceptionTime, sharpnine and Erik.Cassel.


Check out images that I love here.
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