• I live in Colombia uwu
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is being everywhere.
  • I am trying to find out who steals my money.
  • Bio Hi I'm Sophie and I want some lasagna
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Hi! I'm Minnue and this is the story of my life: I used to have no Robux, I was a noob! (But I'm a year veteran, so...) I was tired of this sad life, but found a rewards page and ...I now have Robux! Yay! (Okay no, I wasted them). Now people wants to be my friend, I'm very famous and I own all the Sparkle Time fedoras! (Never in my life would happen that).

UPDATE: I'm not so active as always, I found another hobbies and, although I still like ROBLOX, I don't find interesting games when I log in (maaaaaybe Murder Mystery 2, but it's laggy). Deleted the CP Rewritten thing because I don't longer play CPPSs (But Club Penguin is still at my heart).

If you want to talk to me and you like BFDI, try to use that wiki instead. I've seen people from that Wiki here.

Also deleted the Visit my places thing because I'm not longer interested on creating crappy games, and I don't want to start a trouble with the Uncanny Valley thing.

being silly cuz yes




jump in the caac

I like memes

And be like Justin whY

despacito is an alive meme and the sequel is cooooomiiiing in your cinemas

wendy's roasts are burnt chicken

I need Tomodachi Life

I remember the old days when I was the stupid girl from ROBLOX wikia ;-;

I disliek Baldi's Basics, especially when it's mixed with my beloved BFDI fandom

My favorite pages

  • Wikipedia.
  • Google Translator.
  • Roblox?

Favorite games!

  • The Plaza.
  • Super Simon Says.
  • Natural Disasters Suvival.
  • Breaking Point.
  • Murder Mystery 2.
  • Story Generator.

I also enjoy...

  • The Floor is Lava.
  • Clone Tycoon 2.
  • Pick a Side.
  • Pokémon Brick Bronze. (CLOSED)
  • Whatever Floats your Boat.
  • Restaurant Tycoon.
  • Boys vs Girls Island Wars. (Free admin! But it never works to me...)
  • Free admin houses. (Heheheheh)

I don't like...

  • Adopt and raise a cute kid.
  • Robloxian High School, Roblox High School, others...
  • Feed the Giant Noob. (Or something like that)
  • Boys and Girls Hangout/Spa/Dance club/others...
  • Clickbait obbies. (It's a infinite list)

Trivia about me (who cares)

  • I have times of activity and times of inactivity. School gets me busy, also my mom uses my laptop to watch Netflix. :/
    • And when I can use my laptop, I'm usually on YouTube or on another wikia.
  • I like Protogent, Bee Movie, Shrek and In a Nutshell memes.
  • I consider myself asexual and aromantic, heh.
    • It doesn't mean that I hate romance. I do enjoy love songs, and I do enjoy shipping, as I said above. I don't like to be involved on a romantic relationship, but I like to imagine others in romantic relationships.
  • My first language is Spanish.
  • I love cats and if you say that you hate them I hate you. (joking)
  • I don't know how to use templates in this wiki. (IN THIS WIKI, I SAID!)
  • I like Two word story. Why nobody votes for it in Weekly Game Threads?
  • I'M FEMAAAALE. (It's obvious, isn't it?)
  • Sophies are cool.
  • I used to have a YS OC as my profile pic, but I officially quit that fandom (you can see that on my YS wikia profile). Now I use the photo of Match, the valley girl who uses like a lot.
    • I also used to have a photo of my ROBLOX avatar before I got ROBUX. :P
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