aka Kaison Wong

  • I live in Singapore
  • I was born on March 31
  • I am Male


Hello you, I’m KaisonPlaysRB. I'm sometimes the #1 Contributor out of #417 of them, you know why? Just because I see some people haven’t update some pages in a few weeks/months/years. So I decided to help them out and I'm because the #1 Contributor for like 1-2 weeks. So, yeah I love Roblox Wiki soo much that I like editing too! I'm also looking forward to edit more pages. I hope you like it! And also btw, I won’t accept that much friend requests.



I used to join Roblox in March 2016 as kaisonStarGamer (Letter K is not big Capital btw.) I was hacked many many many times by the user named faety.


So I have about 53-65 Roblox accounts for trolling, prevented accounts and etc. Until about 2017 (I forgot the hackers name already.) the hacker hacked me and I found out my it's a girl. So her status and her description said (HACKED) maybe because she hacked me? I don’t really know lol.


So yeah. On Mid 2018 I’m on my account called KaisonsNewAccount. So I played this account for a while ( btw this account used to have Builders Club.) Jjpokemonbeast25 hacked me and changed the email and password. So, I decided to ask Roblox from emailing them. But finally, I got it back by changing the pass and the email. So it’s boring on that account. So I decided to make a new account called KaisonPlaysRB (that I’m using now.) so I played Roblox on that account. And a few months later, I was not hacked and even bought Turbo Builders Club so yeah, that is it guys almost 3 years on Roblox on 2019!


  • I have Builders Club like 7 times. 1 time is Turbo Builders Club and zero times for Outrageous.
  • People in the Roblox Wikia thought i'm hacking in the website, lol I didn’t and stop banning me Roblox Wikia Admins.
  • I actually saw Roblox videos in 2015 so I watched them. (Examples: EthanGamerTV and DanTDM.)
  • My favourite food is Fried Rice.
  • I lived in Singapore and I’m a singaporean.
  • My most favourite Roblox game is Flood Escape 2.

(Note: Sorry if there is some mistakes on the Userboxes section, lol make sure I just fixed it properly next time.)


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