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why are you here
actually why am i asking i dont even know why im here lol
anyway uh i guess since u stopped by maybe you wanna know something about me. so here goes
wiki stuff
so i joined in july 2019, just reverting bad edits and stuff. but later on i got serious, and somehow became a mod here, but i gave up in january cuz i lost interest in roblox.

anyway in may-june i came back and now everyone wants me to be staff again so why not
not wiki stuff
basically im 14 years old, female, romanian, not really much to know about me irl cuz im boring

i dont really play roblox anymore, but i guess sometimes i go on the front page, pick a game, play it for like 5 minutes, leave and then repeat till im bored of it

my hobbies include watching anime, playing anime games, watching anime tiktoks, listening to anime music and other anime-related stuff that i wont expand upon cuz nobody cares lol
i think you found out enough about me for now you can check back and see if ill put anything new or something
i don't know
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