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Konnichiwa, user-san~!
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I mainly go by Tenshi now, formerly Takriiiia (Takria/Takku).
You may know me for being a former moderator on here, before I quit. But then I came back, quit, came back again, quit again, and then came back again, where we are's like a "how long i can last before leaving" challenge or something at this point

I sometimes play Roblox, my favorite games being Arsenal, Identity Fraud and Infection.

I'm 14 years old (about to enter high school!! nice), Romanian, female, very indecisive and a weeb. My favorite anime series are Danganronpa, Demon Slayer and Evangelion.

Tumblr_mp4jgfYWhh1rplqheo1_640.png Tenshikuragari, sotto kimo no te o hiite Tumblr_mp4jgfYWhh1rplqheo1_640.png
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