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Hello you. Welcome to my profile page. I play Roblox and make Roblox videos. Below will be some questions many people ask me. Have a good day you.

Random Stuff

I like wikias. Pizza is yummy. Acid and car wheels make a great breakfast. What am I even writing above omg. Do u know da wey? What is the combination of Phantom Forces and Counter Blox? Phantom Blox or Counter Forces or Phuntom Borox. oh noes my creation.. I am not going to be a good person but I am not going to be a good person and I am not going to be a good one or to be a good one or to be a good one or to be a good one. (Auto Correct lol) I am a funny guy so it's fine to joke with me and I hope I will be promoted to help the wikia more. :)

Profile In Progress

Above are external links to stuff about me or made by me. Have fun reading meh profile you. I'm a regular Roblox player and play many front page games and sometimes make streams on Roblox. I will be clearing out most of my friends so if you want to become friends with me on Roblox, tell me on my message board so I can verify you.

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New Blog Series

I have a new blog series edited every week where it is about a Robloxian noob on his Adventures in Roblox, a broken down website still full of games and a handful of players. Challenges await though to claim Roblox out of the junk of abandoned sites.


Upcoming Blog Projects?

The Noob Files: Late January 2019- April 2019 4 years have passed after TAoaRN

Noob Wars: June 2019-September 2019 20 years after The Noob Files

Noob Wars: The Second Bloxxing : December 2019-March 2020 A year after Noob Wars as this is a immediate sequel.

Noob Wars: The Final Bloxxing : May 2020- August 2020 A year after Noob Wars TSB as this is another immediate sequel.

Animation Retaliation: October 2020-February 2021 80 years after Noob Wars TFB, R6 and R15 users are being mindwashed to use Rthro. The Rthro leaders are planning to take over Robloxia.

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