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The JoTS is semi-retired.

I am currently not an active administrator on this wiki. I remain on staff solely to deal with our abuse filters, kick-off WikiOps, and deal with vandalism. Please contact another administrator for any concerns you may have.

You edit, I edit– we wumbo edit.

My tasks on this wiki are to:

  • Perform maintenance tasks
  • Revert vandalism
  • Correct blatantly false or ambiguous information
  • Manage the wiki's edit filters

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On Roblox, I was primarily known for my Ace Attorney fangame that was relatively popular for a time in 2009-2015, and a few other failed projects. The current building still in use today for that fangame is from 2010 or 2011.

RoGo Magazine

Other than that, some people know me as the former Vice President of RoGo, a once popular in-game magazine turned web blog. Here are some old articles I wrote when I was working on the RoGo website:

How about now?

I don't play much Roblox anymore, but I still stick around and see how Roblox evolves– for the better and for the worse. Occasionally I work on a project mulling over potentially using DevEx (... at least before I remember how Roblox has shafted my past developments). Otherwise, I mostly maintain my old fangames, and I enjoy the rare Roblox meme every once in a while.

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