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pwnzerkid is a well-known ROBLOX sports manager. He has managed successful teams throughout his career, such as the Idaho Red Bombers (11-12), St.Louis Cardinals/Falcons (12-16) which was kept alive by the co-owners RichardACaudle and TristanRoss; As well as unsuccessful teams, Philadelphia Aces (12-12), Pittsburgh Pirates (16-16).


  • His favourite quote is "The plan is to win, if we don't follow the plan we lose" - determinedstickman (An old team-mate of his).[citation needed]
  • He has won the "Huffest Player Award" in Ro-MLB during Robloxblo's tenure.[citation needed]
  • He has a predecessor account known as aserdao that joined ROBLOX in 2010.
    • Being young he was very gullible, this led to his aserdao account being hacked and password changed.
  • Received 10 1-day bans in a span of 12 days when he came back to ROBLOX circa 2013.
    • His account was also terminated by ROBLOX. He managed to get it back soon after.
  • The first ever team he created was the Roblox Soccer United (R.S.U.).


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