• I live in in my house
  • My occupation is professional Chore Worker
  • I am not open to saying
Hey, i'm theventedruby. I joined ROBLOX in May 2014, but then on a newer account in April 2015. My favorite games are Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, and Super Mario 64. I am making a game on ROBLOX, called Varik's Place. It will feature many classic characters, such as builderman, and my own characters. I am expecting to release it in March 2021.


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  • I have been on ROBLOX for over 5 years
  • I own one of the last copies of the Supa Fly Cap, Crimson Shaggy, and American Baseball Cap.
  • I love hacking Super Mario 64.
  • I write comics!
  • I play ROBLOX sometimes.
  • I have been banned from over 3,000 TF2 Servers as of January 2019. ( not for cheating )
  • My favorite ROBLOX games are: 
    • Arsenal
    • Natural Disaster Survival
    • Work at a Pizza Place
    • Super Doomspire!
    • Sword Fights on the Heights
    • Robot 64
    • Noob Smacker
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