Tiff or Nick
Also known as: T.O.N
Tiff or Nick's Information
Date of birth March 14 (Pisces)
Gender Male
Race Asian
Interesting facts Is an admin on the Roblox Wiki
First appeared on June 12, 2012, however did not login
Plays piano at grade 7
More to come
Honors Played and captained in the Australian Under 15s team against England Under 15s team at Trent Bridge for cricket (2013)
Won the Allan Borders Trophy for youth group (2011)
Became an admin on the Roblox Wiki (2013)
Became a level 100 in Paintball! (2012)
Friends Dronian
Enemies JohnStewart420
Other vandals
Occupation Current:
Future Job/s (Dream Job):
Information Technology (IT)
Behind the user
First wiki appearance Club Penguin Wiki
Favorite Wiki Roblox Wiki
Club Penguin Wiki
When Tiff or Nick joined Wikia June 18, 2012
Today's date is 08 of 08 in the year 2020. The current time is 18:34 in the Roblox Wikia.

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