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Welcome to my profile page, user.

Im TrBossGaming,I joined on 2017 September, I have 900< place visits, 450< followers on Roblox. I like editing pages on Roblox Fandom. Hi, I dont really have anything to say here. A few years ago I lost my old account iammarcusc for no reason, and I'm still kinda sad for now, even though i got a pro account with Robux. I usually play on laptop, but sometimes I play on my phone when I have time (ex. holidays). I have max friends now, so if you want to friend me you can tell me on social media(see below headings). You can call me TrBossGaming or tr for short.

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Games I like:

Phantom Forces, Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5, Entry Point

Social media:

Discord: a very angery bird#2585


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iammarcusc (lost account):

Tesseractic (alt account):

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