The Vaktovian Empire, otherwise known as VAK, led by Vaktus (who was known before as XDHAPPYXD), is a ROBLOX clan that is based off the Helghast in the Killzone video game series. VAK was formerly based on Reapers of the video game series "Mass Effect 3". However, during June of 2015, they announced they would revert back to their old theme. VAK is quite prestigious, requiring players to go through cadet and corps training before being accepted into the official empire. There are different sections of the empire, but there are two sections- the Vaktovian Army Corps (formerly known as the Vaktovian Ascension Core) and the main division called The Vaktovian Empire. The Vaktovian Empire has been heavily criticized for the shut down of multiple groups and controversial wins.


The history of Vaktus goes back into 2008. During the Vaktovian Coalition and Vaktovian Astrofleet, Vaktus was then known as "XDHAPPYXD". It was not until much later that he created the Vaktovian Empire.

Vaktovia's bases

Swampy Moon Outpost

This base is now decommissioned and this article pertaining to it is what SMO used to be.

The Swampy Moon Outpost is the main fortress and base of VAK. It is the most raided of all outposts, and the most active and protected.

Raiders spawn in a cave which they can AFK or plan in. Once they step out Vaktovians can fire at them. There are different ways into the base, like shooting at the rocks to go up to the cliffs or just stacking up to the main fortress.

To learn about tips to help defeat and capture the outpost, go to the Swampy Moon Outpost page above.

Swampy Moon Outpost II

The new and improved Base is based off the old base, Swampy Moon Outpost and has replaced it.

Raiders spawn in a tree base and can plan, talk and AFK if needed. The fortress is dark and is very hard to get in as the raiders need to get past the Vaktovian spawn to get to the 'obby' area that leads into the fort. Another way in is to stack up at the walls however not recommended to raiders.


Kaznan is a jungle base that has been outfitted with the newest Vaktovian weaponry in 2015 for temporary use.

Kaznan is a large jungle that can be very hard to navigate, snipers excel in this base massively. Raiders spawn in a low elevation area surrounded by mountains, there is nowhere to go AFK in their spawn unless they get very crafty and hide. The Vaktovians spawn high up in a pillar that is parallel to the raiders but slightly closer to the base.

Kaznan has something unique to it that isn't in any other Vaktovian base - The Dropship. The dropship is a Vaktovian vehicle that can fire missiles and is primarily used to drop off squads of Vaktovians at key locations with extreme ease. It can be killed if you hit it from the bottom several times while it is flying.

Military ranks

Rank Description
Army Corps The Army Corps have the lowest rank in the empire. This is a group outside of the empire that players must join in order to gain access into the empire
Private The lowest rank in the main Empire. These are the soldiers who have recently graduated from the Army Corps program. This is the beginning of a new chapter in a Vaktovian’s career. Privates are able to order those below them but only in dire circumstances.
Private First Class One step-up from the regular Private, a Private First Class is a more advanced ground trooper. The Private First Class rank allows soldiers to command units below them provided it is absolutely necessary. PFCs are not yet allowed to enroll into a division, so they must keep working to earn that privilege.
Corporal Corporal is when soldiers can become slightly more leadership-oriented. Corporals are often entrusted with small squads during raids and defenses by their higher ranks. With the rank of Corporal comes a few more responsibilities and opportunities, such as being allowed to entrol into specialist divisions (e.g. Medic, Recon).
Sergeant At Sergeant rank soldiers begin their preparation for becoming officers. Sergeants are entrusted in assisting officers and sometimes leading medium sized patrols or raid servers.
Lieutenant Lieutenant is the last rank before a soldier becomes an Officer. Lieutenants are to be regularly involved with group events and planning to help them in their preparation for becoming an Officer (Captain+). Current Officers should be mentoring these soldiers and helping them to learn the ropes, and the fine line between following orders and giving orders.
Captain Captain is the first rank of the Officer Network and is the main drive behind the Empire’s activity. They are responsible for hosting events and connecting problems from the soldiers to the Generals. As junior management, Captains are always invited to Officer meetings where future plans and proposals are made.
Colonel Colonels are veteran Officers. They have been in the Empire for a substantial amount of time and can be viewed as the perfect Vaktovian. Whilst they are responsible for holding events, they are also responsible for managing the groups functions should a Major General and above not be present to do so.
Senior Colonel Senior Colonels were once Colonels who were acknowledged for their noteworthy contributions to the Empire. It is also used to host Vaktovia's group accounts.
Major General Understudies to the current Generals, these Vaktovians have the potential to be Generals for Vaktovia. They partake an introductory role in the affairs of the high command.
General The Generals are the leaders of the group. The Generals come together to form the High Command, as the large decision-making force behind the maintenance of the group. Generals usually operate behind-the-scenes where their responsibilities belong, but they possess all the capabilities of the Officer Network should they choose to partake.

The owner of the group. The current owner is Vaktus.

From VAC to VAK

Vaktovian Army Corps

VAC: VAC stands for Vaktovian Army Corps. It had begun recruiting back in 2011. Due to there being many inexperienced and disloyal people, VAK had made a filter; which today is called VAC. VAC was originally called "Vaktovian Army Corps", but a change in 2013 made the new name Vaktovian Ascension Core. As of 2015, it was renamed to the Vaktovian Army Corps.

Ranks in VAC:

The ranks not listed here are strictly for officers and people that have passed through VAC already. After reaching Level 3, you are to participate in an information restricted graduation test to get into the empire.

Rank Description
Level 1 [DISCIPLINE] As the first level in the VAC, it is focused on disciplining each new VAC and ensuring that the proper behaviour and ideals are embedded into their career. VACs cannot pass this stage until they have conceded to the ideals of a Vaktovian - rejection of proper discipline will result in termination.
Level 2 [COMBAT] This level is focused on combat and involves individual combat strength and team-oriented tactics on the battlefield. VACs must master all areas of combat before they will ever be considered for promotion on to the final stage of the VAC.
Level 3 [TRIALS] Serving as the third and final level of the system, VACs must under-go graduation testing by the Examination Officers, testing them for all the knowledge they have accumulated in their time as Levels 1 and 2, in order to see if they truly are worthy of becoming a Vaktovian.
VAC Revising Ranks These ranks are used for people who fail their examination test. They will continue to go to events specifically for their rank (level 1 training for level 1 revising, level 2 training for level 2 revising), and regular events held Empire-wide.


The Vaktovian Empire has been continually criticized for shutting down multiple groups such as Roblox Freedom Association. They are still criticized on the ROBLOX C&G forums for some controversial "war wins" and "raid wins" by many people who are in their former enemy clans, such as Frost Clan, The Grand Imperium, VOID/HIVE and UAF as well as several hundred or so bandwagoners.


Vaktovian Weapons


The StA-53 is the main assault weapon used by VAK. Vaktovians spawn with it automatically at any official training centers or bases. There are 3 modes to this assault weapon. Automatic, Shotgun, and Semi-Automatic. Automatic is just holding down the mouse button and aiming. You have about 60 bullets per clip before you reload. The StA-53 does a damage count from around 5-10 damage estimated. Lastly, there is Semi-Automatic. Semi is when you can't hold down the button and it will keep firing. Instead, you will need to button-mash to make it look like an automatic weapon. It is the least recommended mode in the gun's use.

The Vaktovian Sword

The Vaktovian sword is simply just a re-mesh of the regular sword which is the Linked sword, the only pro is that you MIGHT be able to sword-jump a little higher with no hats on. The regular sword or the Linked sword and the Vaktovian sword have no script changes, except for lag fixing issues and anti teamkill. The older version of it is currently released to the free models due to an exploit.

The StA-18

The StA-18 is the pistol that VAK uses. Although it racks little damage, it is mostly used to direct attention by shooting someone, also most commonly used for faster sprinting.

The StA-3 Light Machine Gun

This weapon is the biggest, baddest weapon used in combat used by VAK. It holds 100 Bullets per round and can rack up a heck load of damage. It is a very much used weapon within the Vaktovian military and it can kill anyone in just a few shots if used right.

The VC-32 Sniper Rifle

The VC-32 is the sniper of VAK. It is often used to take down one person at a time, rather then take down groups at a time. It holds 15 bullets per round, and can do major damage if scoped, if it hits someone. At its best, it shoots slower than the pistol by 20%. This is the only Vaktovian weapon with a zoom function as of lately.

The Medigun

The Medigun can be used by both the Vaktovians, and the Raiders. It is not a weapon of destruction, but rather it will protect people from dying. It heals a person at the rate of about 10 health or more per second. Although it can heal, it has a charge that lasts only for as long as about 10 seconds if you use it continually.

Vaktovian Gun Modes


  • Crouch = C
  • Semi-Automatic = Q
  • Sprint = F


  • Crouch = C
  • Semi-Automatic = Q
  • Sprint = F


  • Crouch = C
  • Semi-Automatic = Q
  • Sprint = F


  • Crouch = C
  • Sprint = F
  • Zoom = Right click (First person zoom)

Raider Weapons

The M82H Assault Rifle

The assault rifle that raiders automatically spawn with at SMO. It holds 50 bullets per round and has two modes: Auto and Semi. Considered a raider version of the StA-53. The Vaktovian armament can be obtained by going to the armory in the base at SMO 2 or Kaznan.

Raider Gun Modes:


  • Crouch = C
  • Semi-Automatic = Q
  • Sprint = F


  • A group called The Grand Imperium, or TGI for short, was created from The Vaktovian Empire. Members such as: Castellian, Doomknight, CrakTheRaven, Tainteddark, Brain987987, ToberDam, and jjjakey were once former VAK members. TGI and The Vaktovian Empire are now rival clans. And the TGI Still hate Vaktovian Empire this day.
  • The Vaktovian Empire once got deleted due to a group of robloxians in a clan called the Warsong Clan massively false reported the group. VAK shortly got undeleted once Vaktus and several high ranks appealed the ban plus they got a list of the people who reported them*
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