aka Van

  • I live in Texas (within USA)
  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is telling the trolls to get outta mah wikia!! and watching YouTube
  • I am Male

I tried to make this look like a Community: page. I am so mad that the admins reverted the edit to replace it with the default FANDOM profile page after all the work I put into it >:c ("SOME IDIOT COPY PASTED SINCE YOU STARTED WORKING HARD ON A PROFILE PAGE!! YOU WILL HAVE TO MERGE YOUR DELETED WORK INTO THE POINTLESS TEXT!") I had to REWRITE THE ENTIRE THING.


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"I have a blindfold because I have no eyes. The blindfold is my eyes." - VanWoody789's most recent status post


Since the profile link redirected to the user's FANDOM profile, profile is here:

VanWoody789 joined on 2016 on the account VanWoodyPlays. VanWoody789 created his account on May 8th, 2016. He often changes his avatar to make him look like a frog with a blindfold on. Even he doesn't remember how or when he got the purple blindfold. It is actually the Next Level Future Visor.
My page

VanWoody789's profile. Image taken on 7/11/2018.

Join Date (History)

VanWoody789 was created on May 8th, 2016. He instantly changed his avatar to a 1.0 with the Green Jersey and no accessories.

Builder's Club (History)

The exact dates VanWoody789 got BC & TBC are unknown. Here are some estimates. BC - Mid-Late 2017 TBC - Early 2018

Safechat War (History)

This user should be notable for naming the aggressive protest for over-the-top safechat for users under 13 the "Safechat War". I guess you could say he was an "elite solider" in the war. (Okay, stop the military jokes.)

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