aka mike

  • I live in classified info
  • I was born on September 10
  • My occupation is existing
  • I am male

I miss Venezuela :C

- FrankANDcientifico (Vetzla) (really, i said this on Discord)

'Ey there! Welcome to my profile.

Facts about me (aka weird and unnecesary flexes)

  • I eat arepas.
  • I stayed most of my life on Venezuela until I had to immigrate to Colombia
  • I was also born on Venezuela.
  • Some people call me "Wikipedia" because I know a whole lot of things
  • Yo hablo español. ¿Creo que este es el lugar incorrecto para hablar español, no?
  • I have two accounts. My old one (try and guess the name! you're probs gonna check the history) and my current one.


I miss Venezuela :C

- Me (said on Discord)

It's free.

- John Unexistentcelebritysondottir


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