Not to be confused with the user Epikrika_a.

Rika was one of the earliest users on Roblox, somewhat well-known during the early years of the platform.

He (the original owner) has a new account called Leandre.[citation needed]


Rika was famous for his often used quotes during the early years of his time on ROBLOX:






On 6 October 2017, Rika's account was incorrectly terminated for being a "compromised account"; however, this deletion was removed on the 10th of October. This was first noted by the user "grunge", a friend of Rika's, who messaged him the following: "Rika got unbanned if you didn't know" "When i logged in to it i gave a warning" "the warning was / your acc was recently moderated for suspicious activity, but it is now unbanned for something"

On 25 October 2017, Rika was incorrectly terminated for a second time, after a user falsely accused him of stealing people's accounts, as he had been inactive until recently. However, he had become active on the "Rika" account recently as his main account, "xvbones", was terminated in August 2017. Shortly before being terminated, a moderator replied "oh dear" and deleted the thread. Again, the ban page showed Rika as having a "compromised account". For a second time, his deletion was lifted on 12 November 2017 after proving full ownership of the account.

On 2 December 2017, Rika was terminated for a third time, however this time the moderator note also said that ownership could not be confirmed. The reason for this is unknown, however it is most likely because he could not confirm billing information, since his friend had paid for his OBC. The account was never reactivated after its third ban.

Many believe Rika was terminated after somebody stole his account and leaked the password; however, this is false. The original owner had leaked the password himself to show others the ban page. This password was circulated by other users and shared in YouTube videos.

The owner has been generally called "Tommy" or by his alternate account xvbone, although xvbone has also been terminated. He now frequently uses the account "weaponmaker" among others. He has a Twitter account named @xvbones

Termination Note.

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