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Fresh Red Baseball Cap, the first official user-generated accessory.

User Generated Content (UGC for short) is a catalog feature that allows users to publish their own items and sell them. These unique items can be viewed under the Community Creations category. The feature was initially announced at RDC 2015[citation needed], but its confirmation was declared at RDC 2019[1]. It released on August 15, 2019 to certified users on the site. Before its release, Roblox had confirmed that this feature will only be allowed to certain users at first, many had suspected that popular Roblox content creators in the official Roblox Video Stars Program will have access to it, although that is not the case.

Roblox have reached out to reveal that they will sometime in the future depend on content created by eligible users rather than prioritizing assets made by the official ROBLOX account, managed by admins to publish items as default.

Whenever a user publishes an accessory, they can input customized descriptions, Robux price, genres, and much more. However, releasing limited unique items and making existing items limited is still restricted to ROBLOX. Although, Roblox states they want to move in a direction where creators can publish their own limited items to sell to other users[2],their only issue with this concept is that there are a very minimal amount of eligible creators and in part of fact that they have been lacking in limited releases currently.

List of UGC hats

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Selected Developers

Currently, there are only 12 known users which are allowed to upload their own creations. Those selected users are:


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  • In order to properly create User Generated Content on Roblox, users would need to practice the many skills required to form retextures of the many hats, gears, and faces present on the catalog. This can be efficiently done by using a computer graphics software tool named Blender which is the most common program used to create customized items. Likewise, creators need to have a clear understanding of applying a texture to a mesh.
    • Though this entire concept is not new, players have been brainstorming and sharing ideas of their own of retextures through uploading models and meshes onto the Library section of the catalog over many years.


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