This is my introduction to the community blog post. You may find some things you didn't know about me out, and you will get to know more about me. Some of this information can be found on my user profile, and some of it is completely brand new information which I'm revealing just now. I am going to be as honest as I can in this blog post, so you can get to know me well from this.


I am 0Michael105, but you can call me Michael. I am a Content and Discussions moderator on the Roblox Wikia and am willing to help fellow editors when they do need help, and I try to make the wiki a better place for all of us.

I started playing Roblox on an account named Michael105Gaming in early 2017. I later forgot the password to that account, and created an account named Michael105YT in late July 2017. I then would be using this account normally from there on.

My relationship with the Roblox Wikia

I first found the Roblox Wikia when I was watching a Roblox YouTuber visit the wiki a few years back. I was not a serious editor back then, and would mess many things up on articles. I was blocked for a short period of time due to this, and I didn't continue to edit or mess anything up on the wiki afterwards.

I then rediscovered the Roblox Wikia when I did a simple Google search for a catalog item, and found its article. From this point on, I started to become a serious and true editor. I helped other editors at every open possibility I could, and I wanted the Roblox Wikia to become a better place, so I contributed to it with the best of my ability.

I slowly became more and more trusted by the wiki's administrators and moderators overtime. I was eventually given access to edit the Roblox Wikia using the Roblox Wiki Bot account (which not to mention has administrative powers) and became very trusted using it. I also was able to perform the 100th and 200th edits on the account. I was quickly given the "Reporter" role so I could report vandalism and anything of the like which broke the rules to the Roblox Wikia's staff team directly. About a week or so afterwards, I sent a request for Content and Discussions moderator powers in the Wiki management forum. I waited a few days for responses, and all but one of the replies were supporters. I became a moderator because the majority of users who participated to vote supported me. Now, I am a moderator for the Roblox Wikia and am able to help other editors even further.


Now that I am a Content and Discussions moderator, I will make the Roblox Wikia a better place than it already is for everyone and do everything to the best of my ability.

I am an active user of the Roblox Wikia's Discord server, and am on good terms with basically all of the moderators and administrators. I have never been any edit wars too, so you can trust me to make the Roblox Wikia a better place.

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