About a month ago, a new membership named Roblox Premium began to roll out to many countries. It was slowly being rolled out to random users, without a single official announcement from Roblox about it. All the community knew about it was that it was a possible replacement of Builders Club, which was later proven true.

However, recently, it has been officially announced by Roblox and more information has been provided to the community regarding the membership. On September 23, 2019, a new blog post was created on the Roblox blog which introduces Premium to the entire community. Before, Premium was rolled out to select countries, but it is now officially being released worldwide. Feel free to read the blog post if you would like even more information about Premium than this blog post is offering. You may also review a public Developer Forum post regarding Premium here. Premium has several new features and benefits to offer to users.

If you do not have Premium at the moment, please be patient! It is gradually rolling out to users, meaning you may not receive Premium instantly. Please refrain from adding any information to articles which states Premium is fully discontinued as of now, because it has not rolled out to everyone yet. Feel free to share your opinions regarding Roblox Premium replacing Builders Club in the comments section.

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