Hi, everyone! I hope many of you are enjoying the fun of learning online (and having extra time to spend on your favorite Roblox Wikia). As the wiki gains more popularity, us administrators and moderators often need to adjust some of our policies. We also have many new editors who would benefit from a quick tl;dr on some of our big policies. For a lot of this, I will be quoting directly from our Rules page and out Policies and guidelines page and explaining exactly what it means when you are editing the Wikia.

The Roblox Wikia is not affiliated with The Roblox Corporation

The Roblox Wikia, its administrators, and its moderators are not affiliated with the Roblox corporation and are not Roblox administrators. Please contact Roblox's support team on their support page for any concerns regarding your Roblox account. We cannot do anything about your Roblox ban, give you free Robux, or activate expired promotional codes.

First off, I want to make sure every editor is on the same page; we are not Roblox staff. None of the administrators or moderators work for Roblox. We can't do anything about your ban or ban other users, give you free robux, activate promotional codes, or anything that has to do with Roblox.

I want to introduce our newest policy. We have been enforcing this for a while now as a guideline, but we only recently decided to start enforcing it as a policy and getting it placed on our rules page. We also added a new guideline on how many images are considered "too much" when placed in an infobox.

Images must have descriptive file names

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wikia.

All images uploaded to the wiki should have a descriptive file name. Roblox's assigned name for the image, such as 4ed79d33416d50f085c76ba703f4e79b are considered non-descriptive and will be renamed or deleted.

Why are we adding this policy? How many of you have had a hard time finding a certain image, because it is named something random? Us administrators and moderators also check edits made on the wiki very frequently to make sure that any vandalism is taken care of quickly. When we are looking through edits, we are reading the classic "source mode" text. It only lists the name of the image and does not show us a picture of it, so it can be hard for us to figure out if this picture is all good for this page or is someone vandalizing by adding inappropriate images.

When you are uploading an image to the wiki and get an error about the image not being uploaded, it is often because it does not have a descriptive file name!

No more than three images may be included in an infobox

The following is a guideline on the Roblox Wikia.

Infoboxes should have three or fewer images, such as images of the player's avatars. All additional images should be placed in a gallery at the bottom of the page.

This is something that we have been talking about for a while. There's many pages where we are seeing 5, 8, sometimes more than 12 images of a player. Many of these images also seem to be uploaded because the player makes a simple avatar change. While we like images, we don't feel like it is necessary to document every single avatar change a person makes. For now, we are shooting for no more than three images per infobox. It's letting us show some of that player's most famous looks instead of every look. For older users who may have had a lot of notable outfits during the years, such as Shedletsky, those images can be placed in a gallery at the bottom of the page

Now that we got the new stuff taken care of, I want to bring up some policies related to issues I have been seeing a lot more of recently.

New editors may have some editing restrictions

The following is a policy on the Roblox Wikia.

This wiki sees upwards of 18,000 edits per month, and a small but sizable subset of these edits intend to disrupt or otherwise harm the wiki. To combat these editors, the wiki employs the use of several automated countermeasures to prevent malicious edits.

New editors may find that they cannot:

  • make bulky edits onto pages,
  • create new pages containing a lot of content,
  • cannot upload images,
  • cannot make a lot of edits in quick succession,
  • and other restrictions.

For this reason, some new editors may find their edits falsely caught by our automated edit filters. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please have patience with us and adjust your edits accordingly. These restrictions will be lifted for editors as they continue to make good contributions to our wiki.

Many of you have said you are having issues making edits, and this is often why the issues pop up. We have this new editor filter in place as a way to catch vandalism before it becomes public, but sometimes it catches a new editor's edits if they are making a really big edit. If you are experiencing these issues, I recommend waiting a day or two and trying the edit again (and then giving us a message if the issue keeps on happening). If it is an urgent edit, such as removing vandalism, please contact one of us right away.

All registered editors must be at least 13 years old

This describes a FANDOM policy that is enforced by the Roblox Wikia.

Per FANDOM's Terms of Use and their implementation of COPPA, a United States child protection law, all users who register an account on FANDOM must be at least 13 years of age in order to edit our wiki or participate in our forums.

Users who are evidently below the minimum age will be immediately blocked from our wiki until sometime after the user turns 13 years old.

This is already covered in the Terms of Use everybody signs when they make a Wikia account. Since this wiki is about a game a lot of children play, we have to be really strict about this policy.

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