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  • My occupation is scratching
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  • Angrybirdstd

    Roblox and the hardcore world have some close ties. Roblox uses Robux, while hardcore uses a ton of different currencies, but for this, we will use USD.

    Item Robux USD
    One Zimbabwean cent 2008 1.196E-10 1.495E-12
    One mil (used in accounting) 0.08 0.001
    One penny (1c) 0.8 0.01
    One Robux 1 0.0125
    One nickel 4 0.05
    One dime 8 0.1
    Basic premium daily salary 15 0.1875
    Skeptic face 27 0.3375
    2nd tier premium daily salary 30 0.375
    1g silver 37.6 0.47
    Highest tier premium daily salary 60 0.75
    One US Dollar 80 1
    Typical coffee drink  320 4
    Hourly minimum wage in the US 580 7.25
    Luger Pistol (Roblox) 700 8.75
    Transmorph Ray Gun 800 10
    Nyx (approx.) 1020 12.75
    1kg silver 3760.8 47.01
    Typical console game 4000 50
    1g gold 4188.8 52.36
    Limited Dominus 10000 125
    2014 price of …

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Roblox world Vs Hardcore world-This is a very popular subject with youtubers, even pitting MC vs HC, MC vs Roblox, and a brightside video about non-hardcore worlds (like Roblox or Fortnite) against old-fashioned hardcore world.

    • How tall are you?
    • 5 studs.
    • How far is it to the base?
    • 450 studs.
    • How much do you weigh?
    • 17 oofs.
    • How much can the tank hold?
    • 7 biggestheads.

    • How tall are you?
    • 176.
    • How much do you weigh?
    • 72.
    • What is the distance between White House and LA?
    • 4300 km.
    • How much gas can your car hold?
    • 50 liters.

    Place together 1 Magic Turkey, 3 Mithril, and 1 Quantium to make yourself a regeneration potion!

    For Thanksgiving, you decided to cook a turkey, but you were a haphazard person and burnt it.

    The Magic Fire Charge! Weehee! 4 square studs of BURN!


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  • Angrybirdstd

    This is the offical table of measures in the Roblox Dimension.

    A ministud is 1/5000 studs long. That is 67.38 μm long! That distance spans about three ROBLOX macrophages or nine eurythrocytes!

    According to human height calculations, the stud is about 33.69 cm (336.9 mm or 336,900 μm). In US standard, that is 1'1 1/4". It is Roblox's most used measurement of length and is crudely mistaken to be 6.5x smaller by a Roblox blog post. A person is 5 studs tall on average.

    One Robloxian mile (or 5000 studs) is 1,684.5 meters long. That is equal to 1.0467 US miles. It is a possible Roblox unit of measure. It is crudely mistaken to be only 250 meters long. It is one thousand Robloxians tall.

    One supermile is 5000 Robloxian miles. That is 8422.5 kilomete…

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Roblox 4D

    September 8, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    This is if Roblox is tetra-dimensional.

    Prepare for this blog to bend your 3d minds over 4d space.

    Remember-4D must be for all ages!

    Find out what on earth 4D is here.

    Instead of max 50 players, there may be max 450 players.

    One could have 5 avatars at the same time. A Robloxian would have these dimensions:

    • Y: 5 s
    • W: 1-2 s
    • A Robloxian would stretch 1-2 studs into the 4th dimension.

    If one has BC, he could have 10 avatars each stretching 0.1-0.2 studs into the 4th dimension. If TBC, 15 avatars would be available each stretching 0.0667-0.1333 studs into the 4th dimension. If though, OBC, 20 avatars could be used stretching 0.05-0.1 studs into the 4th dimension.

    Besides BodyLength, BodyWidth, & BodyHeight, there may be also BodyTrength. On the Avatar m…

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  • Angrybirdstd

    Roblox Timeline

    July 14, 2018 by Angrybirdstd

    • 6.7T BC: The multiverse the Roblox Dimension lives in is born.
    • 13B BC: The Crust of the multiverse is created.
    • 7-15-87996 BC: Jehovah warps the first pieces of the dimension into existence.
    • 5-7-76000 BC: Earth dimension is born. Not the beginning of Earth Universe.
    • 6-10-45895 BC: Dimension is completely built.

    • 7-13-8000 BC: Life, first Robloxians, material separation, LUA engines, new character appearence appears.
    • 9-10-4000 BC: Earth Universe is born.
    • 9-6-1250 BC: 1st pieces of AFI's family tree are found.
    • 10-8-1 AD: Safe Chat and modern currency prototypes (like Robux) is born.
    • 8-6-300 AD: Islam enters the dimension.
    • 12-25-300 AD: Christmas and Christianity are introduced.
    • 12-9-1766: Robux is born.
    • 2-19-1767: Tix is born.

    • 7-15-1984: Santa comes to Rob…

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