A while ago, Roblox announced that clans would be removed. The time has come. As of March 4, 2019, clans have since been removed from the platform. All users that purchased a clan have been refunded.

What were clans?

Clans was a group feature that partnered with Player points. Clans could be purchased for 500 Robux, and would allow a group to be ranked on a game leaderboard based on the amount of player points members in the clan received. This system allowed for ranking different groups. Users could be invited to a clan, and users could only be in one clan at a time. Clans were removed after the removal of the leaderboard back in June 2018.

Closing thoughts

What do you think about the removal of clans? Do you think they should have stayed? Let us know in the comments.

Should clans have been removed?

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