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  • Karasuneth

    Hello everyone. We've had to make a rather large and sudden change to how the forums on this wiki work, and before anything bad happens, we'd like to explain what happened and why.

    In short, we have changed to wiki-style forums, and the old forums are now gone. This was something somewhat out of our control - Special:Forum is being deprecated globally, and we chose the better replacement option for this wiki.

    What we presume to be the most commonly asked questions:

    Why do the old forums have to be removed?
    This was a decision from Fandom Staff, and is affecting every Fandom wiki. It is partially out of our control. You can read details on the change on this blog post on Community Central made by Fandom staff, including why they can't keep the …

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  • Karasuneth

    Hi everyone! A week ago, we asked about some new additions and changes to our notability policy. With a few tweaks and one redundant criteria removed, we are announcing that these are now live. Along with a few minor things we changed, here's a quick rundown of what was modified.

    Here are the notability criteria points that were added based from last week's proposals. These all apply to the "Player" section of the notability criteria table.

    • Is a major credited contributor/co-developer of a notable game
    • Is a minor credited contributor/co-developer of 2-3 notable games
    • Is an artist (including 3D modelers & clothing designers) that is featured (with crediting) in or that contributed to 2-3 notable games
    • Is a winner of an official Roblox competition…

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  • Karasuneth

    Hi everyone, and especially devs! Recently Roblox has announced that the first phase of Future is Bright (new, better lighting) is now available for beta testing in Studio. This brings the new voxel lighting.

    If you're unaware, Future is Bright is a new, more detailed lighting system for Roblox.

    This is only to test, so it'll only work in Studio, and not in Roblox Player. You can enable it at Lighting > Technology > "Voxel". Legacy is the current lighting system.

    Slight appearance tweaks may happen over the next few weeks as they fine-tune it and rid of bugs. Remember to report bugs if you find them.

    Devforum post:

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  • Karasuneth

    Back from hiatus

    July 10, 2018 by Karasuneth

    Hi everyone. If you aren't aware I was gone between the 29th of June and the morning today due to family matters/vacation, and had my wall closed. I was going to cut this off at the 13th, but due to rather immediate recent incidents, I'm going to return to moderating a bit early, and work on it alongside some time-sensitive development projects. Hopefully this means the wiki will look a bit cleaner, or at least back to how it was looking before I went inactive for two weeks.

    Since I've a few things to do these next few days, I'll be a bit questionable with activity, but will be around. Additionally, if you desperately need something fixed consider @ing me on the Roblox Wikia Discord server instead!


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  • Karasuneth

    Recently Roblox has announced new updates to their terms of use (ToU) and community rules, along with some other changes to the site in relation to it. If you're a developer, these may be important to you!

    Otherwise, make sure to agree with them, as you must be to agree with them to be using the site.

    Remember, this is about Roblox and not our wiki. We aren't Roblox staff and don't manage these updates. This is just a reminder!

    There is an entire new section dedicated to specifying rules for developers and content permitted in user-generated content (UGC), including games.

    You can access the dev guidelines directly here.

    The list of content that is considered inappropriate or unsafe for Roblox (including discussion and development) has been changed. …

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