As of Dec. 9, the old forums are now gone. Please now use the forum at Forum:Index.

Hello everyone. We've had to make a rather large and sudden change to how the forums on this wiki work, and before anything bad happens, we'd like to explain what happened and why.

In short, we have changed to wiki-style forums, and the old forums are now gone. This was something somewhat out of our control - Special:Forum is being deprecated globally, and we chose the better replacement option for this wiki.


What we presume to be the most commonly asked questions:

Why do the old forums have to be removed?
This was a decision from Fandom Staff, and is affecting every Fandom wiki. It is partially out of our control. You can read details on the change on this blog post on Community Central made by Fandom staff, including why they can't keep the old forum.
What will happen to all the content on the old forum?
For now, it's gone. This was also out of our control; Fandom doesn't have an option to move Forum content over. We personally archived some threads that were of importance to this wiki's management, such as the announcement history on Project:About.
Why are we using wiki-style forums over the Discussions feature?
We felt what was essentially a beta feature really isn't suitable for this sensitive of a wiki. When Discussions are improved to be easily moderated and managed, we will consider switching to them - but this is likely to be in the far future.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask them. Anything else that gets asked a lot may be added.

Using the new forum

You can use our new forums at Forum:Index. These are wiki-style DPL forums, and you can read more about them here. The one thing we ask is to please sign your threads and replies! You can do this by typing ~~~~.

All boards share the names and purposes as the previous forum, except the "Game development" board, which has changed to "Roblox development" to both be more general and to not cause existing category conflicts.

One board change we have made for the time being is the Advertisement board. It was mostly unused, and we will need to revise the policies for the new forum style, which we will do if there is interest. For the time being, you can use the #advertisements channel on our Discord server.

If the new boards confuse you in any way, please comment on this blog posts with questions you may have.

A reminder about this change

This is a general rule on the wiki, but since many people are likely to react to this negatively, we'd like to make the following clear:

Please do not attack us (wiki staff) over this change

All wikis across the Fandom platform, which includes us, that still used Special:Forum will have to make this change. We do not have any way to keep the old forum, and it is out of our control. We cannot solely influence global changes set by Fandom staff. Please don't attack me or any of the other admins or mods about this, we can't do anything about it.

Thank you!

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