Hi everyone! A week ago, we asked about some new additions and changes to our notability policy. With a few tweaks and one redundant criteria removed, we are announcing that these are now live. Along with a few minor things we changed, here's a quick rundown of what was modified.

Notability Policy Changes

Here are the notability criteria points that were added based from last week's proposals. These all apply to the "Player" section of the notability criteria table.

  • Is a major credited contributor/co-developer of a notable game
  • Is a minor credited contributor/co-developer of 2-3 notable games
  • Is an artist (including 3D modelers & clothing designers) that is featured (with crediting) in or that contributed to 2-3 notable games
  • Is a winner of an official Roblox competition or awards involving game development (e.g. Bloxy dev awards, RDC Game Jam, etc.)

If a player meets at least one of these or any of the other pre-existing criteria, they may have an article about them created. Please keep in mind most of these newer criteria points require proof - such as an external credit list - to be validated. This is so we know the user actually helped with or made contributing impact to the game.

Other minor changes

To prevent some confusion, clean up the wiki, and particularly close off sidestepped vandalism, we have added some rules to our page creation and content guidelines. To clarify, these were already being enforced under blanket rules, but they are now specifically stated to limit issues.

The additions under the page content standards are as follows:

  • Player articles should use the player's preferred gender pronouns.
    • Edits that attempt to purposefully revert or change pronouns to be other than the player's preferred gender pronouns in bad faith will be taken as vandalism, resulting in a block.
  • Group articles should not contain links to group-specific application sources or other advertisements.
  • Game and place articles should not have game-specific promotional codes documented on the article; these are suited for a game-specific wiki.

These can be reviewed at any time on our Page Creation rules section, and can be directly accessed there.

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