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Hi editors! It's been a while since our last actual announcement. This one will be a little short.

As Roblox grows, it is necessary for us to update our notability policy criteria. This is so that the notability policy works as intended- to encourage better quality articles by limiting the amount of pages made. Criteria elements like place visits have to be increased to keep up with how fast place visits can increase for games, for example.

List of criteria changes

Notable experience place visits minimum

The place visits minimum criteria for a notable experience is now 2,000,000 place visits.

This also applies to the user and group notability criteria that uses a notable experience as criteria.

Notable group members amount minimum

The group members minimum criteria for a notable group is now 50,000 members.

New user notability criteria

A new criteria has been added for user notability - Is a Roblox account proven to be owned by or officially associated with a celebrity, creator, or company that has an established article on Wikipedia (

This is intended to cover cases like the recent account made for Parry Gripp to house his music officially. (The page previously made for this has been moved back out of the userspace it was moved to.)

Clarification to avatar shop item criteria

(April 12, 2022) A bit late from this announcement, we have added clothing as a specification under avatar shop items. We were already allowing these, but we noticed that it wasn't at all mentioned under the policies, so it is now.

Grandfathering of previously made articles

As an additional note, any non-stub articles made prior to this announcement (created on April 1, 2022 or earlier) that met the previous minimums of 1,000,000 place visits or 15,000 group members respectively, has been grandfathered with the new policy changes. This means that we will not delete these articles for not meeting the new minimums, unless they are stubs and barely had any information.

EDIT: As an addition, we have now also documented a notice/policy on grandfathering to the page creation policies.