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Hi everyone, we haven't made one of these in a while. We are glad to announce that we have finally brought the Discussions boards to the Roblox Wiki.

What are Discussions?

For those that don't frequent most other Fandom wikis, Discussions are simply a place to talk about the wiki's topic - in this case, Roblox. You can start threads with topics to talk about, share images and creations, or make polls.

Discussions on the Roblox Wiki will be specifically for casual chat about Roblox. We will be keeping Forum:Index around for topics related to editing the wiki or the wiki's management, and won't be allowing those topics on Discussions. User talk pages will be used for talking one-on-one to other users.

Rules on Discussions

Discussions will follow many of the same rules as the wiki behavior-wise, but they do have a few other rules you should know before using them. You can read many of these on the Discussions Guidelines page, but here's some important highlights:

  • As we've said, they're for casual chat about Roblox!
    • If you're wanting to talk about editing the wiki, issues with a page, or about wiki staff, use Forum:Index - meta-topics about Discussions themselves should also go here
    • If you want to address something to select users, use their User talk pages. Discussions are public.
    • If you're looking to have off-topic conversations with our community, join our Discord server.
  • There are some prohibited or limited topics on Discussions. You can read the list on the policies and guidelines.
  • Please review the categories on Discussions, and put your posts in the right categories.
  • Be friendly and respectful! We won't tolerate bullying, arguments, or inflammatory topics. Don't be a jerk.
    • Swearing or inappropriate language is not allowed.
  • Posts should be meaningful and have effort! Spammy or low-effort posts will be deleted. If something was already discussed recently, it may also be deleted.
  • If you share creations that aren't your own, linked credit is required, and the original creator must explicitly permit sharing/reposting. (no statement = no repost)
  • Don't minimod! If you see someone breaking the rules, let staff know so they can handle it - don't do it yourself.
    • Uniquely on Discussions, there is a dropdown button to "Report Post" - you can click this and the post will be flagged for mods to review.
    • If something is urgent or needs faster attention, you can also notify a mod or admin on their Talk Page or ask on our Discord Server.

Any violations may result in warnings, or blocks if repeated or severe - and yes, blocks prevent Discussions use. We will be updating the rules as we go as we see how the Discussions community develops.

Ready to participate?

If you've read all the Discussions rules (which you should always do first before participating somewhere!), feel free to jump in if you've something cool to share or talk about!

Visit our Discussions!

Have meta questions about Discussions? I'll also allow the comments of this blog to be used as a temporary place to ask meta questions about Discussions, such as if you don't know how to do something on there or are confused about a rule. You can also ask those in Forum:Wiki_discussion or contact an admin on their talk page if it's more private at any time.

Thank you all!