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  • TheFinalOnesLeft

    The Adventures of a Robloxian Noob

    By: TheFinalOnesLeft

    Formed in a style of a journal

    Written on a IPad Gen 4. Will be updated daily

    Day One

    Date: July 26, 2038

    Setting: The Internet

    Zooming through the Internet was Zack Reed-Wilson, travelling through website and links. Walking though virtual worlds and dashed between augumented buildings. He was going to a cave, filled with abandoned websites and technology. He opened the crack in the fence, pushed it higher and walked through. The cave was just up ahead. He carefully tip-toed through the sea of barbed wires and mines. It was forbidden to go past the boundaries the Company set up. The Company controlled the Internet. They'd won it in a contest for hackers. The prize was the Internet. They set …

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  • TheFinalOnesLeft

    Should we have ROBLOX PLUSHIES? I think we should since we have Roblox toys so why not i don't know, get a plush of eric cassel or a bacon hair and it would just look good.

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