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    Hello! I have created a small free website. It is made with Google Sites (Yeah I'm broke) and so far, it just contains an embeded Lefora Forum and a Xat Chat. Leave feedback in the "Feedback and Suggestions section in the forum. I would appreciate it you would come and join! Anyways here's the link:

    Sorry if I shouldn't have posted this or if get flamed, but I didn't see anything about linking to Roblox fan sites in the Roblox Wikia Rules :/

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  • TheIronRobloxian

    Roblox Texture Pack!

    February 24, 2013 by TheIronRobloxian

    Hello! I have been making a Roblox Texture Pack, how you might say:

    "0MG 7H15 15N'7 M1N3CR4F7 N00B, 7H15 15 R0BL0X!'

    "How do you make a Texture Pack for Roblox ._."

    Allow me to explain. Located in Appdata folder for Roblox, there are folders which contain the files that are used to run Roblox, including the mouses, backpack, recording screen, etc. There are 2 files that contains the Roblox Terrain called "" and "". They are in every Versions folder in Roblox's Appdata

    folder. If you open the ClusterMips with Paint.Net, they look something like the images shown next to this post. With some skills, you can edit the images shown and how they look in game. Let me show you! :D

    I have edited the images so they lo…

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