The ROBLOX community all know what a Robux scam is. It is when a person or/and group get you to give personal account information to them, which gives access to the person to your account.

How to identify a generator

A generator usually asks for a username, along with the amount of Robux you wish, and a choice of BC. It will then ask you to do a “Human Verification” captcha. Usually, nothing will happen at all or one of the Ads you run through is the scam.

What can I do?

If a ROBLOX player advertises a generator, report them. They may be hacked (compromised) or the creator. The creator may be sued and IP Banned. Remember, you are helping others around you by reporting them.

How are they fake?

It may seem legit, but it is not. What is too good to be true, probably is. To read the ROBLOX article about the scams, click here.

Joke Scams

Many people jokingly make FAKE scams that cause no harm, these people are often treated badly for just joking around.

Joke scams will usually just be a video parodying "Free" ROBUX videos made by spam bots, they may also use memes for their jokes.

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