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  • Thundermaker300

    Today we made a big change to the List of promotional codes page. We're sure most of you have noticed it by now. We've removed active promo codes from the page. No, they aren't being re-added.

    Recently we've had lots of people asking us for codes. We've had lots of people asking us to make codes, bring back expired codes, or something else. Apparently three warnings stating we are not Roblox employees hasn't been clear enough. So I'll say it now, for probably the 100th time.

    We are not Roblox employees!!

    This section has became problematic, and recent private discussion has been occurring regarding it. We've always been an archive, not a resource. We've received so many threats and demands to be more like a resource. Because of this, we've deci…

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  • Thundermaker300

    Hello wiki editors and readers.

    I've been given the honor of hosting the first ever Roblox Wikia Summer Games. This event will take place in one game under our group. This event consists of two teams fighting to gain the most points. The winner of the event will not only get a Roblox badge, but 500 Roblox Wikia Points (which will be kept stored until the hangout place is finished), the "Competition Winner" role in the discord server, and a badge on the wikia (for editors)!

    So, how do you participate? Simple, join our discord server below, select a team (red or blue) in the #events channel, and you become part of the event! You'll get access to a chat channel between your other team members, as well as a chat with everyone participating in…

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  • Thundermaker300


    You might have noticed that the place, player, and group infoboxes now display an "Accurate as of ..." date. This was rolled out yesterday and is controlled using the newly added Updated template. This date will change to the date the page was last edited.

    • You are allowed to use the updated template on your own page. Usage is , it would display , which is when I last edited this blog.
    • The template will not update right away. In fact it could take up to a day to update. This means that if you edit a page, the infobox might not update the accurate date for a little while. We can't do anything about this.
      • Same thing when being personally used. Not much we can do.
    • If you are creating a page and use preview mode, the date will error. That …

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  • Thundermaker300

    The previous blog post stated that yearly events (egg hunt, hallow's eve, etc) are not being replaced. However, this appears to have changed.

    Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do regarding the change as we are not employees and the only employee on the wiki, Fireball1725, has no control over events.

    The Events template and event pages is being discussed internally and we will get information out regarding these pages soon.

    Thoughts about the change? Leave your comments below. ~Thunder (Page · Talk) 20:54, April 9, 2019 (UTC)

    NOTICE: We do not authorize threats to Roblox regarding anything they are doing. Do not send threats, including email threats, to Roblox or the customer support team. Additionally, please leave discussion of the subje…

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  • Thundermaker300

    Recently, Roblox made an announcement regarding events on the Roblox platform. For those who have not read it, the post can be found here. Basically, Roblox is replacing monthly events with a new system called live-ops, which allows developers to be on the live-ops section of the front page for 24 hours. Roblox will not be providing catalog items for these events, and developers are recommended to make their own in-game items for these events. There's been a lot of confusion and false information about this new update spreading on the wiki, which is why I'm going to make this as clear as possible.

    Roblox is NOT REPLACING YEARLY EVENTS, such as egg hunts, hallow's eve, etc. These events will remain. Only monthly events such as Powers ar…

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