This is a followup of the previous blog post regarding events. If you have not read it please look here first.

The previous blog post stated that yearly events (egg hunt, hallow's eve, etc) are not being replaced. However, this appears to have changed.


Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do regarding the change as we are not employees and the only employee on the wiki, Fireball1725, has no control over events.

The Events template and event pages is being discussed internally and we will get information out regarding these pages soon.

Thoughts about the change? Leave your comments below. ~Thunder (Page · Talk) 20:54, April 9, 2019 (UTC)

NOTICE: We do not authorize threats to Roblox regarding anything they are doing. Do not send threats, including email threats, to Roblox or the customer support team. Additionally, please leave discussion of the subject on this blog post. We do not need more than one post regarding the changing system.

How should Roblox handle monthly events?

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