You might have noticed that the place, player, and group infoboxes now display an "Accurate as of ..." date. This was rolled out yesterday and is controlled using the newly added Updated template. This date will change to the date the page was last edited.

Things to Note (Regarding the Updated template)

  • You are allowed to use the updated template on your own page. Usage is {{Updated|Page Name Here}} (Your page would be {{Updated|User:you}}). For example, if I used {{Updated|User blog:Thundermaker300/Introducing the accuracy date on infoboxes}}, it would display May 09, 2019, which is when I last edited this blog.
  • The template will not update right away. In fact it could take up to a day to update. This means that if you edit a page, the infobox might not update the accurate date for a little while. We can't do anything about this.
    • Same thing when being personally used. Not much we can do.
  • If you are creating a page and use preview mode, the date will error. That will automatically fix itself once the page is created (like above, it could take a while).
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