For those who are unaware, notices can be found on multiple pages across the wiki. These include notices giving a warning to readers, or notices to editors that a page needs to be rewritten. These can also include notices informing the presence of an interwiki project dedicated to a game, or a notice that a page's contents are outdated. Which is why I'm happy to announce that...

We have updated our notices to a more modern style!

{{Notice|'''Test'''<br>Testing notification|informational}}
Testing notification

New notice

{{Mbox|header=Test|text=Testing notification|aside=Right side text|comment=Comment text}}
Testing notification
Comment text
Right side text

Our modern styled notifications are provided from a module on the developer wiki which can be found here. Full documentation is available there.

The new notifications feature a more modern style, with one side using the specified color while the rest is a white that matches our wiki's theme. Additionally, it has support for images, and text on the right side. Lastly, it has a collapsible feature which will only show the notification header!

We've already updated most of the templates to this new notification style. Visit each of the templates linked below to see the changes!

We do not plan on phasing out the old notification template. If you'd still like to use it on your profile/userpages, feel free! However, we will be ending support for it on content pages.

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