Hey all,

Last night, Roblox made a heavy & sudden change to privatize sales data on all catalog items (including their own items and UGC items). Our current UGC policies were entirely reliant upon the sales data, and as such these policies are being changed to use data other than sales.

For the time being, all creation of UGC pages is on hold while we sort out UGC policies internally. On a normal basis, we would have these policies decided ahead of time. However, the removal of the sales data was a sudden change that was made without announcement, and as such we need more time to figure out new policies for these items.

Items created by the ROBLOX account will still be allowed as items created by staff are automatically notable. All UGC pages created after this announcement will be moved to your user page or deleted. This includes series pages UNLESS they are part of an event (eg. multiple UGC creators putting their items on sale). Currently existing UGC pages & series pages will not be deleted.

Some pages will still be allowed to created by those on our Discord Wiki Editors team only based on the old policy as considered an exemption to the current policy, as there are some remaining ways to view sales for the time being. Regular editors may not do this.

This was an unexpected change on Roblox's end that led to a sudden policy change on our end. We apologize for this and thank you all for your cooperation. Expect a follow-up announcement soon when the policies have been reworked.

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