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Name sniping is the act of registering a new account for the purpose of taking a special username (typically a word in the dictionary or a legible phrase, or small usernames). Users who partake in this act are known as name snipers, and occasionally make "list accounts" with the special name (such as "ExploiterList") and use the description to name different users of that type. This is synonymous with tracker accounts, where the account lists every account that meets the criteria, such as an administrator.

Name sniping frequently occurred during Roblox's early history, when it was gaining popularity. Many name-sniped accounts from that time are inactive. There are debates as to whether inactive namesniped accounts should be forced to relinquish their username so that the namesniped name can become available for new, active players to take. Roblox's stance is that the name is left alone unless there is a violation of the Terms of Use, regardless of player activity.

Name sniping can be used maliciously, such as through impersonation. This occurs when a player creates a similar username to another notable player and pretends to be that account. For instance, Builderman could have been name-sniped as BuiIderman (capital i instead of lowercase L). This can become malicious, particularly if that account is used to scam players who are unable to identify the difference. Of course, that isn't the usual intent of name sniping.