Cyrillic Usernames

There was only one Cyrillic username ever made in 2006. A few accounts were made in 2018 that had Cyrillic but they were quickly reset. Cyrillic is an alphabet script, so usernames that have symbols from other scripts such as the Latin script are not counted.

Special Character Usernames

A list of names with other types of characters on Roblox which have all been reset or changed. Note: I removed some completely fake ones -Nooooblol

[ Content Deleted ] Usernames

As of now, there is only one user left who is still hasn’t be terminated or reseted yet with the word "[ Content Deleted ]" in his/her username.

[ (Account Deleted) ] Usernames

There are a few of them that are named account deleted, they are all terminated.

Hashtag Usernames

The only two users to ever have a hashtag is Benphin and #123456789. Benphin, otherwise known as Simcitiweegee, or Simcityweegee before his name was reset, had his name reset to reset#2164240.

Period Usernames

There are currently only 9 known users who have periods in their usernames.


The last four accounts on this list were created in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2019 respectively.

Underscore First/Last Character Usernames

There is currently only 3 usernames which have an underscore as the first or last character.

Multiple Underscore Usernames

Currently, there are 27 accounts which contain 2 or more underscores.

The last three accounts on this list were created in 2015, 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Spaced Usernames

A complete list of spaced usernames from 2006/2007 and a single 2010/2016 account (list contains accounts which start/end with spaces too).

2 Letter Usernames

There were three known users who had 2 letter usernames, but were later terminated. Other usernames like "hi" or "SR" have spaces in front of their username, so these are the true 2 letter usernames.


The last two accounts were created in 2012 and 2016, respectively.

Bypassed usernames/inappropriate usernames

There are many usernames on Roblox that are bypassed or inappropriate. Many are from Roblox's earlier days, some were created using exploits in 2016.

Glitched Usernames

There was a bug on iOS and Xbox where you could create usernames past the 20 character limit. A lot of the accounts created using that glitch were terminated but there are still some to this day. Bypassed/exploited usernames will not be listed.