VIP servers are servers used for private uses and are sometimes called private servers. They can be bought with Robux and then created. VIP servers may appear as clans in the Clans section while viewing game leaderboards.


VIP servers can be activated by making a place and VIP servers on. You can also set the price of the VIP server. Minimum is 10 Robux.

Making VIP servers

If a developer has enabled VIP servers on their place, then players can create VIP Servers for their place. Players will spend the chosen amount of ROBUX and then can choose a name, users allowed and link to VIP server, as well if friends are allowed to join. Then, the VIP server can be seen on the servers tab. If the VIP server creator shuts down the VIP server or the developer disables VIP servers, then the server becomes unplayable.

Developer Usage

There is two properties in ExplorerImageIndex 0DataModel that can be used to detect a VIP server. These properties are VIPServerId and VIPServerOwnerId. More information here.



  • Sometimes when you join a private server, it puts you on a public server instead.
  • When you shut down the server, players may not be instantly be kicked.


  • Mobile players cannot join VIP servers through invite links, and instead have to rely on the server owner specifically inviting them through the configuration settings.

Use of VIP servers

Sometimes, people use VIP servers on some games to "cheat". For example, people can make a VIP server with only them in it, and rob different things for money.

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