An example of a vehicle in ROBLOX.

Vehicles are used to get around on ROBLOX. They appear in some places. In this page the usual controls for each vehicle will be listed. In some vehicles (mostly old) a speed meter will appear, telling the player how fast he/she is going in the car.


Cars are actually easy to use. There are two types of cars on ROBLOX - the tool based kind and the vehicle seat based kind. Vehicle seat cars can be easily identified when you sit in the car. You drive them like walking - with W, A, S and D keys. The tool based car is harder to control. Below are keys used to drive some of those cars:

Key Description
Y Starts engine of car.
X Stops car.
Click (left or right) Turns car in direction which you selected - left or right.

Now there are special controls for some cars:

Key Description
T Flips car.


Planes was made earlier than cars and personal transportation gear. Planes are harder to use - there are only tool based kind. Below are keys to use some planes:


An example of a plane in ROBLOX.

Key Description
Y Starts engine of plane.
X Stops plane.
G Closes hatch.
Click (left or right) Turns plane in direction which you selected - left or right.

Now there are weapons of some planes:

Key Description
F Fires primary guns.
B Drops bombs.
E Fires secondary guns.

And now there are additional functions of some planes:

Key Description
C Turns on/off invisibility cloak.
G Does a barrel roll.
R Gives player a landing gear.

Modernized Versions

Since ROBLOX developed itself, so did ROBLOX Studio; which meant better tools to use. The "first" car was basically a flat rectangle, which a seat and 4 big wheels. However, ROBLOXians have used their imagination to build a realistic body on top of the same layout.


One of the "first" vehicles.

Maxresdefault (11)

Vehicles in today's games.

Personal transportation

Skateboards created a new gear and vehicle type of personal transportation. Later came Ro-Ped, Ro-torcycle and Hyperbike. No one knows if there will be new type of personal transportation vehicle.


  • One of the most recognizable ones in ROBLOX toolbox is NWSpacek chassis.
  • Most used chassis are AC6, SS3, SS5 and SS6 .
  • Inspare is the currently most recognizable car company, powerfull of making own chassis and cars and pro scripting.
    • There also people currently developing good ol' SS3, while some working on newer ones like A-Chassis 6 (AC6), SS5 and SS6.
  • NWSpacek and Portago chassis is the most popular police RP games chassis used by alot of professionals.