Players may become verified by verifying their current email address with ROBLOX. This can be accomplished by accessing one's "Account" page. Some features require that the player be verified in order for the feature to work: this includes commenting and rating games. ROBLOX requests that players be verified in order to more easily re-access an account after being "PGed" and to prevent malicious use of some features, such as rating games.


In the past, ROBLOX has encouraged players to verify their account with rewards. Currently (starting February 8, 2013), players will receive the Verified, Bonafide, Plaidafied hat for verifying their account. Previously, players would get the Verified Sign for verifying their account. Additionally, ROBLOX occasionally releases gifts to verified players.

If a player verifies his/her email, he/she can:

  • Vote for games
  • Leave comments on things (e.g. shirts, pants, T-shirts)
  • Post comments on the forums
  • Change their username
  • Protect his/her account
  • Do the "Serucity" settings
  • Etc.
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