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Roblox Titanic is a survival game that was created by Virtual Valley Games. It is based on the real life Titanic disaster. The main goal of the game is to survive the sinking escaping by a lifeboat.

The game is meant to simulate the collision and sinking of the RMS Titanic, the Titanic was the largest ship in the world in April 1912. During the trip, the ship hit an iceberg and sank 2 hours and 40 minutes later, and killed 1,500 people in real life.


The game starts out on the morning of the April 14, 1912. During this time, you can walk around and freely explore the various parts of the ship. That includes the extremely well detailed and luxurious 1st class grand staircase, the bridge of the ship, the 2nd class staircase, the 3rd class general room/open space, boiler room number 6 and the long corridor running through the entire length of the ship, Scotland Road.

The sun will slowly set after a few minutes of daylight. The ship will then encounter an iceberg and strike it, damaging the hull and filling up the first five compartments with water. The water taken on by the ship is too much and the ship begins to sink. During this time, you can escape in a crew member launched lifeboat or you can stay aboard the Titanic. The ship will start sinking faster and faster until it fully sinks, breaking apart in the process. The round will then restart and survivors will be rewarded a 100 points.

Historical accuracy

Since the game is based on a real life disaster, respect has to be given to the real people who were on the real Titanic. There are two ways the ship can sink in Roblox Titanic, the players will vote on one before a round begins. The first is based on the way Titanic sank in the 1997 movie, Titanic (which is also based on the Titanic disaster). The second is more realistic and modern as it is based on new research of the Titanic disaster. The ways Titanic sinks in Roblox Titanic are quite accurate, especially the second way. 

The model in Roblox Titanic is very accurate and have the same layout as the real Titanic. unfortunately, most of the ship's interiors are blocked off or locked as they have not been modelled yet. TheAmazeman plans to remodel the interiors around 2022.


An official sequel was made based on the HMHS Britannic disaster by Virtual Valley Games. The real HMHS Britannic was one of the two sister ships of the Titanic and was sunk 4 years after the Titanic's Sinking. The Roblox game Roblox Britannic was released on October 18, 2019, for PC.

Save The Ship

A Save The Ship feature was added in June 2021. Saving the ship is a five-step process. 1-3 people will need to have the captain or crew member pass, as three of the steps take place in the wheelhouse, which normal passengers cannot access. When the iceberg is first spotted, a Save The Ship progress bar will appear on the screen.

  • Someone will need to ring the bell in the crow's nest three times. Press G to ring. You can be any team for this, you don't need the captain/crew member pass.
  • For the next three steps you will need the captain/crew member pass. After somebody rings the bell, someone will answer the phone. The phone is randomly chosen and will be highlighted in red.
  • Someone will have to turn a telegraph astern. The telegraph is also randomly chosen and highlighted in red.
  • Someone will have to turn the steering wheel to the right. Press G to turn the wheel.
  • For this last step you do not need the captain/crew member pass. In the boiler room, someone will have to close all the dampers of a boiler. The boiler is randomly chosen and the dampers are highlighted in red.
    • Closing all the dampers beforehand will not work, as the game is smart and will open the dampers just before the iceberg is spotted.
    • A team of two in the boiler room is recommended, as the dampers on both sides of the boiler will need to be closed.

If you successfully save the ship, you will have the option to teleport to a new server where the saved Titanic will arrive at New York. Or you can stay in the current server where there is another iceberg ahead. Saving the ship gets a few seconds harder each time.

It is recommended to join friends in a Discord call or something. Saving the ship requires a bit of collaboration and you can't always rely on random strangers to know how to save the ship.


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  • On January 12, 2021, this game was updated to add a bedroom in the lobby based on the artist Weyes Blood. In this room was a jukebox which played music and an unreleased bonus track from her album Titanic Rising.[1]