Vortex Special Ops, also known as "VSO", is a war group that was founded in circa. 2009–2010 by Shain1 (now VSOGeneralShain1).

Vortex Special Ops gained almost all of its members using the VIP recruitment method, which is where people gained in-game perks for games by joining the group. The game VSO used is Build to Survive the Zombies. Today, the VIP Recruitment method was discontinued and now normal means is used to gain players.



Vortex Special Ops was founded in July 9, 2009. VSO started as a special operations squad for the group Vortex Security . When around 300 Vortex Security members joined the squad, Shain was exiled for unknown reasons. He left the squad black until 2011, when he used DANGERTIM112’s Build to Survive the Zombies to recruit members. They hit 20k members in the first year.

When the group was first founded, many free models were used, including a RIC base. This caused a lot of controversies. Current bases and models are made by the VSO:Tech division, a division of scripters and builders.


In 2012, VSO started its first real war against The VOX Empire , a 30k clan led by Voxhall, The creator of the classic famous game "Star Wars Tycoon". VSO won the war by a score of six to four (6-4). After defeat, The VOX Empire shut down due to rage on losing the war. In the same year, the General was banned from Roblox for unknown reasons (theorized to be a hacker) and returned as “VSOGeneralShain1.” Between the making of accounts, jordandog100 held onto the group until VSOGeneralShain1 gained Builders Club to reobtain the group.


In 2013, VSO hit 40k members and hit the “Top 10 Clans” leaderboard. Two divisions were created, VSO:T and VSO:NF. In the same year, VSO:RB was created as a squad (not a division) by the user gaster1234567890


In 2014, VSO hit 50k members and released the fort known as Warzone Nathia Gali.


In 2015, Justzwaggerit was promoted to Lieutenant General. He was later demoted and exiled for mass exiling Lieutenants. (In 2016 he was let back in VSO but no longer plays Roblox today)

In the same year, VSO was attacked by a large number of exploiters from V3rmillion (a forum where users can sell and discuss exploits). It got to the point that soldiers couldn’t patrol headquarters because every server was exploited. The exploit was set by king_booty, a scammer and clickbait place creator as well as MtnDewInc, believed to be Justzwaggerit's brother.


In 2016, VSO released Warzone Kahagan V2 (aka Warzone K2). This fort had a massive collaboration, including coolsniper150 and a lot of new scripters who joined VSO to help. Coolsniper150 became the next Lieutenant General, and promoted to 3iC. 

In the same year, VSO was attacked by another group of exploiters known as Team CORE. They exploited VSO because they wanted to put their statue on VSO's base. They have declared an unofficial war on VSO and called it official due to them lying about it being "accepted". They hacked any VSO server and called it an official win for their clan. After some raids, their leader got banned from Roblox for unknown reasons; so CORE stopped the exploit raiding, but never talked about the unfair "war".

Almost all the year, after CORE attacked VSO, RIC, better known as the Roblox Infantry Corps have been raiding all the year.


In 2017, the 3iC Coolsniper150 received a message from Colonel De_Elite’s brother saying that she had passed away. This information hurt the members of VSO deeply and even came to famous clan leaders. It was later discovered that De_Elite had not passed away, but was actually in a coma. De_Elite had survived the coma but was left deaf, she has quit Roblox since. This event have stopped the hate against VSO and made many clans pray for VSOs safety. 

In the same year, Bnv1186 was promoted to Lieutenant General.

Also in February 2017, VSO went through a massive reform. Six ranks were added to VSO, and a major rank reform was put into effect. The six ranks added were Lance Corporal, Staff Sergeant, First Lieutenants (Second Lieutenants are the former “Lieutenant” rank), Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Major General. Refecti became the first Major General, followed by Veret001  months later. 

Around in July-September 2017, a clan known as The Tempus Imperium (TTI) declared war on VSO without PMing a LT-GEN+ about it. After the warning that one of the HRs of VSO Gave to TTI, They claimed they didn't care and still declared the war official. The group raided VSO and broke rules. Later it became official, confirmed by coolsniper150 and later VSO declared an auto win because of their unfair base & their unfair-rulebreaking raids. They still raided VSO, after almost being blacklisted. This event is called "The Tempus Imperium Drama". Today their leader, Scelus is perm-muted on an arctic outpost for causing the events above, and their base is blacklisted in the VSO raid list.

VSO also released a new base known as Arctic Warzone in alpha version on October 5, and known to be a large success for their bases. It is still unknown when it will be fully released. 

On October 21, LegendaryShain1 , the general's brother, came on Roblox for the first time after a long period of inactivity.

Right before the New Year, MrNoodler became the third Major General in VSO History. Later, he left VSO after a demotion for recruiting VSO members to his group.


At the beginning of the year, LT-GEN coolsniper150 stepped down as 3iC because of real life issues. This made LT-GEN Bnv1186 the 3rd in command. Coolsniper150 eventually came back.

COL goodcaboose456 and COL Sargent_Morales were promoted to Major General to fill up the spots formerly taken by veret001 (that had been promoted to LT-GEN) and MrNoodler. With the recently released VSO base (known as Arctic Warzone), there were many changes among the ranks and members of VSO. Refecti was promoted to Lieutenant General and was replaced by BismarckVonRed to take up the empty Major General rank.

On January 10, the general released new training reforms and due to the new reforms, he changed all of the divisions' descriptions, including the main one.

On April 29, Colonel De_Elite came online for the first time in a while. A lot of people in VSO were glad to see her come back. Sadly, she has not been on after this. The soldiers of VSO hope that she comes back soon.

On May 16, the general exiled Refecti, an LT-GEN that was very well known for his dedication to the group (as well as writing most of the reforms) as he had messaged him about problems within the group .  This then followed with the current 3IC coolsniper150 stepping down, veret001 stepping down, and many many other members stepping down, leaving the group or even being exiled . Members were then quickly promoted, such as bnv1186 (that had been previously demoted for attempting to shut down divisions without anyone's approval) and members that had been previously blacklisted for treasonous activities came back tearing the group apart. The Arctic Outpost was temporarily closed as there was no one left to update it. It is currently replaced by the old HQ as a temporary replacement for a possible new upcoming HQ. The name of the HQ had changed to "World War 3" to be more fitting with roleplaying clans.

The HQ was then changed back to the arctic HQ, following the removal of FE games  . 

Around October 18th, Lt Colonel Kobra was promoted to Colonel.


Low Ranks


Privates are the foundation of VSO. They 'defend' the HQ and help to win raids.

Private First Class

PFC'S have a higher chance of being accepted into squads.

Lance Corporals

Lance Corporals have the ability to carry around and can order one player in their squad.


Corporals can run a squad of up to three players.


Sergeants can lead a squad of up to four players and assist Staff-Sergeants hosting drills.

Staff Sergeant

S-SGTs makes sure all other Low Ranks are correctly doing their job. They can lead a squad of five players and also host drills with a permission of an HR.

Medium Ranks

Second Lieutenant

Second LTs are responsible for creating and sending out squads in HQ.S-LTs are also responsible for watching over S-SGTs.

First Lieutenant

The First LT is the first trainer rank in VSO. They are responsible for creating and sending out squads in HQ, but may also host regular trainings.

High Ranks


Captains are responsible for watching over two First LTs and ensuring that they maintain activity and responsibility.


Majors are responsible for watching the Second LTs and suggesting which Second LTs should be promoted to First LTs. They are also responsible for hosting regular training and boot camp.

Lieutenant Colonel

LT-Colonels watch over two CPTs to ensure they are maintaining activity and responsibility. They are also responsible for hosting division training and activities.


Colonels are responsible for watching over Majors and LT-Colonels. They can also host regular training and boot camp.

Major General

The Major General oversees all of VSO:-HRs and directs one of the divisions while making reforms.

Lieutenant General

LT-Generals are responsible for making sure that all of VSO is running correctly.


The General has command over the entire group, and his word is final.


Vortex Special Ops has 4 divisions that require certain ranks (MAJ-GEN is the rank where you can direct a division) :

  • Vortex Special Ops: Airborne
    • This is the 1st division, which is a special air force position given to Lieutenants. Lieutenants, however, can get kicked from this division for disobeying orders and not acting as a lieutenant. Lieutenants are required to go to the VSO: A training held by a COL+. It does not have much difference from the main division but gives access to aircraft in both Vortex Special Ops' HQ and Outpost Bakkarah. VSO: A is only allowed for 2LT+. [Current Director: MAJ-GEN BismarckVonRed]
  • Vortex Special Ops: High Ranks
    • This is the 2nd division, being the division High Ranks are in, containing Vortex Special Ops members at the ranks of Captain, Major, LT-Colonel, Colonel, Major-General, Lieutenant General, and the General. Some of the High Ranks have an admin at Warzone K2. They can ban exploiters if they have enough evidence, KOS(Kill on Sight) EX-VSO members, and have the authority to jail them.
  • Vortex Special Ops: Naval Forces
    • This is the 3rd division, and also has many members, having strict rank requirements as well, it also has Vortex Special Ops members at almost all ranks except Private. It is the only division not founded by VSOGeneralShain1 (or Shain1), but by a former High Rank in Vortex Special Ops. It was later taken over by VSOGeneralShain1 as an official division.
  • Vortex Special Ops: Rancor Battalion
    • This is the 4th division and also has the most members, Having more strict requirements, and has Vortex Special Ops members at all ranks including Private. It is a Division not founded by VSOGeneralShain1 (or Shain1) but by a former High Rank in Vortex Special Ops. It was later taken over by VSOGeneralShain1 as an official division, which was run by Gaster123456789 until his account was banned and he started VSOCaptainGaster, who was later exiled in 2015 when he started Shadow Operation Specialist and refused to exile the VSO members who joined his group.
  • Vortex Special Ops: Technicians
    • This the 5th division. It doesn't have any rank requirements, but it does require that you have skills in Lua Script Writing and/or Roblox Studio building. It's currently owned by VSOGeneralShain1, but it's managed by his Head Technician coolsniper150. This division is for the technical advancements in VSO, and generally manages the guns, bases and main scripts of VSO. There are several levels of technicians:
  • Recruit Technician,
  • Basic Technician, and
  • Advanced Technician.


Outpost Bakkarah

Outpost Bakkarah is the replacement of the previous outpost, Outpost Arctic. It is not used as a raiding base currently. Instead, it is used as the VSO: Rancor Battalion training center.

HQ 5.0

The previous headquarters for VSO. Just like the old headquarters, it has a woodland base and it is in the middle a city. The raiders base is on a separate island & to raid you must use the boats or bridge.


A picture of the HQ (5.0)

HQ 6.0

Set in Antartica, the new HQ was developed for more than 8 months. It contains a massive rewrite of many systems, a new loadout, VSO Admin Commands v2.0 and FE. It was released in Alpha on October 19, 2017. It was believed that the full HQ came around May 2018. Arctic Warzone is the biggest and most developed base in VSO's history. The lead developer of this fort is Verret, and he continues to update it with the VSO:T team regularly.


VSO has been criticised for copying bases and using free models. Some players say that VSO is bad at fighting, and that they buff their own weapons so that they can win, and they sometimes admin abuse.


  • Shain1
  • Voxhall
  • Peerpants
  • Jordandog100
  • Guyalf1
  • VSOGeneralShain1
  • Gaster123456789
  • Justzwaggerit
  • goodcaboose456
  • Refecti
  • Coolsniper150
  • De_Elite
  • Verret001
  • Noobynavyseal123
  • Bnv1186
  • ShadowGeneralGaster (Passguessed)
  • BismarckVonRed
  • OG41
  • sesalpinogamer

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