WIJ is a militaristic group created with heavy Sci-Fi influences. They are known for their unique and advanced technology and weaponry. The word 'WIJ' itself does not stand for anything, but, according to the group's past description, "In the Dutch language, WIJ stands for Us and We". It is also true that the word WIJ comes from Silent's last name, Wijma.  

The group rapidly expanded in the spring of 2011, from about 1,000 members to more than 30,000. It is currently the eight largest war group on ROBLOX, after F.E.A.R., Team Domino, Vortex Security, R.A.T., John's Cobras, Black  Wolf Empire, The Robloxian Army., and Lortex Security This is most likely due to very popular places created by the group's owners and co-creators, SilentSwords and Owen0202, for WIJ. In early 2013, for the first time in two years, WIJ fell off the front page of groups, being surpassed in members by The Raven Empire. After the release of the second version of the group's primary fort, Outpost Indigo II, the group gained over 8,000 members, and became the 14th largest group on Roblox.

The Clans and Guilds (war groups) community has acknowledged WIJ's past achievements and the groups is recognized for them to this day. Due to recent events, the group's member base became more "toxic" as the group shifted focus to a more hardcore play style than most war groups.


The predecessor to WIJ was a group known as SSCORP.

WIJ's ranking system works in a remarkably different way than most groups: SilentSwords (mostly referred to as Silent or SS) has made a Mainframe with an account for every single WIJ Member that has ever received a log. This contains a report of them at bases and training, entered by Lieutenant+. It also has Career Points "cP" that let you raise your rank when you reach a certain amount. Vortex Security once used a similar system that involved cP.

Even though they declare themselves a space federation, WIJ has a very small space fleet for the size of the group. As of this writing, two space cruisers have been built, and one space cruiser is under construction. In fiction however, WIJ is a coalition of worlds who work together to achieve peace. There is a huge fiction backstory behind WIJ. SS has stated that because of the group's age, he has wanted to first fully develop the ground bases and weaponry before going space-ward. Although SS still is spreading rumours about a space combat game based on WIJ's space fleet, but no progress has been seen yet. 

The WIJ Mainframe

The WIJ Mainframe is currently at Version 3.0. The Mainframe III was released during the WIJ Reforms 2013. The mainframe runs on improved scripts. It uses keystrokes and is a lot more " user friendly". In this version of the Mainframe, the GUIs are also much smoother.

The current mainframe has multiple features. It can be accessed once you attain Specialist+ in WIJ. The actual mainframe is a GUI set up in front of a "spacescape" of the surface of a planet and a starry night. Several ships float through the background.

Its features for Enlisted Members(Specialists-Sentinels):

  • View cP of any career
  • View cP Logs received and sent of any career
  • View Division information of any career, including Shock Trooper Statistics
  • View commendations of any career
  • Search any career within the mainframe, with access to all three filters[Name, Rank, cP]
  • File an issue to the WIJ Outreach program. This program, headed by Colonel Ultimateguy, allows lower ranks to report any incident directly to the WIJ High Command.
  • Sentinels with 550 or more cP who have been issued a recommendation by a Captain+ may apply for a commission, which, if passed, will result in their promotion to Lieutenant.

Its features for Officers(Lieutenants-Captains):

  • All features of the Enlisted ranks
  • Add cP to any career of a lower rank
  • Add logs for any career of a lower rank
  • Add a priority for any career of a lower rank
  • Commanders+ may add comments to the commissions of other officers, whether it be Lieutenants, other Commanders, or Captains. They also add comments to the commissions of Sentinels who are on commission for officer.
  • Captains may add a recommendation to Sentinels with 550 or more cP. This allows that sentinel to apply for commission.
  • Can create careers
  • Can create batch logs(Training or Comat logs that go out to multiple users. The description for the logs are the same but the cP mutation is different.)

Its features for High Command(Colonels+):

  • All features of Enlists and Officers
  • Delete any log except priority logs(The Marshal and Chairman may do so)
  • Resolve issues that have been filed
  • View comments on the commissions
  • Wipe any career
  • Transfer cP from career to career
  • Change the rank of any member with lower rank
  • Assign Commendations to any member.

The different logs of the WIJ Mainframe:

Normal Log: Used for standard events. Can be used for a variety of things, such as division work, cP transfers, etc. Most officers use them to award valiant service from various members. These logs can also be used to deduct cP from members who have been major issues over several occasions.

Combat Log: Used for combat events. This includes raids and defence. cP can be added or deducted depending on what the player did during the combat event.

Training Log: Used for training events. A career may only be awarded cP from official trainings with this type of log. cP can bee added or deducted depending on maturity and performance during the training.

Priority Log: Used to notify the Marshal and Chairman of a career that requires immediate attention.

Recommendation Log: Used by Captains+ to open up applications for a commission on a certain career.

Application Log: Used to denote that a career's commission has been opened.

Promotion Log: Used to denote that a Colonel has edited the rank of a Career.

Commendation Log: Used to assign a commendation to a career.


WIJ weapons are unlike any weapons ever made by any clan. These are the first guns on ROBLOX to ever be battery-powered. Each time they are overheated, their battery life will go down, until the gun dies, or the player is killed. Once the player is killed, the gun has 100% battery life. Weapon Type: Directed Energy Weaponry.

General Guns

Y14 Handgun/Phaser Pistol

Standard issue sidearm to all WIJ troops. Also the first weapon that raiders acquire. Medium damage and range. It can deal a good amount of damage to longer-range targets where the W17 becomes less effective. This gun is accessible to every player at WIJ bases. The W3 Y14 was much more powerful compared to the wARC counterpart, therefore it has become less favourited in the update.

W17 Assault Rifle

WIJ's main service rifle. It fires 8 shots per second, and it's damage per shot is slightly lower than the Y14. It also has slightly less accuracy. Mostly used in close-quarters engagements. It is interesting to note that the W17 corresponds to the clan's name. The "1" is an "I", and the "7" is an upside-down "J".

T11 Tactical Shotgun/Disruptor Phaser

Close quarters powerhouse. Incredibly lethal at point blank range, and is often used for clearing rooms. Obtainable at Indigo II at INDG-10 with 10 kills.

SUF Sniper Rifle

Used by WIJ marksmen to neutralize targets from great distances. High damage and accuracy. However, it is often used in close range, like a W17. This is why SilentSwords nerfed it, so it does no longer cause an instant kill. An update for Indigo II has nerfed the SUF where it's a two to three hit KO and medium reload weapon. Obtainable at Indigo II at INDG-30 with 30 kills.

SKP Submachine Gun/Autophaser

A specialist weapon that has the highest rate of all the WIJ weapons, excluding vehicle weapons. It can be extremely deadly at close range. It's good traits are balanced with its negative ones, though. The SKP is the least accurate gun, and, because of its high rate of fire it runs out of battery very quickly. Obtainable at Indigo II at INDG-7 with 7 kills.

AT Antimatter/AV Charged Phaser

An anti vehicle Phaser, though often used against groups of troops. It highly resembles the "Spartan Laser" from the Halo Universe. Obtainable at Indigo II at INDG-30 with 30 kills.

B55 Marksmans Rifle/Burst Rifle

A marksman rifle, highly accurate. Semi-Auto fire. Also enjoys widespread use by WIJ forces. Obtainable at Indigo II at INDG-5 with 5 kills.

G25 Triggered Grenade Launcher

Fires grenades that can be detonated at the trooper's will. This gun is often used in ambushes. It was removed with the release of the wARC update.

REX Chaincannon/Rapid Phaser Minigun

This gun has high rate of fire, huge clip size, and great accuracy, which is why the REX can only be used by WIJ High Command. The gun was removed by the BiB update, but was reinstated as a part of the wARC update. The REX Chaincannon is obtainable at Cobalt, Indigo I and Indigo II.

Dual SKP Submachine Guns 

Like the singular SKP, this pair of guns is only for Shock Troopers. Each SKP targets the center point, and will cross over one another after a certain point. Its damage per second is exactly the same as a single SKP. Like the REX Chaincannon, the Dual SKP Sub-machine Guns were removed with the release of the BiB update.

Dual Y14 Handguns

Alike to the Dual SKP Submachine guns, these handguns come in partners only for Shock Troopers. With deadly accuracy, a good troop can even take out two men at once. These guns are not available at the BiB base, but only at the original Indigo.

D01 Orbital Target Painter/Target Designator 

Possibly the deadliest "weapon". Mostly available to colonels only (But also to WIJ members with 9400 credits at Vermillon), the D01 sets a target for an orbital cannon to shoot at, and kill all people in range. This is the only WIJ weapon that has the ability to team-kill (However, only in Vermillon). Unable to achieve at Indigo II unless Colonel or above.

wARC Weapons

These weapons were instated with the release of the wARC engine on February 23, 2013. For the first time, a sword was included within this weapon set.

SWD Charged Plasma Sword

A modified version of the regular sword, this sword takes up to 2-3 hits, obtainable at INDG-1 and 3 kills.

L95 Light Support Weapon 

With machine gun like properties, it has a fast firing speed; low damage and slightly inaccurate at long ranges. The gun's main purpose is for short range combat. The L95 Ligh Support Weapon is obtainable at INDG-15 with 15 kills.

C22 Dual Handcannons 

The ammo has the same spread as the T11 and able to fire twice before reload-like stop, obtainable at INDG-25 with 25 kills.

F99 Plasma Charger 

A very short range with medium damage weapon; players must be very close to the enemy to inflict heavy damage. The F99 Plasma Charger is obtainable at INDG 40 with 40 kills.

R87 Charged Railgun

The R87 Charged Railgun has a medium fast firing speed and medium damage, obtainable at INDG-45 with 45 kills at Indigo II. This gun is similar to the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 in Halo 4.

Space Cruisers

Because WIJ is a space themed group, space cruisers have been made by SilentSwords. Thus far, 1 has been completed, and two are under construction. More information about the other Space Cruisers coming soon.

WSC Deferiot

WIJ's oldest and only completed Space Cruiser. It is a rather old space cruiser, and SilentSwords has stated that he now considers the ship to be outdated. It is small, containing only a couple of tiny rooms. The front of the ship, where players spawn, is a control room. Towards the back, there are the small hallways and rooms, most of which are empty.

WSC Moirades [Under Construction]

One of the most well known Space Cruisers in WIJ. The ship orbits WIJ's home planet. It is being worked on as a part of the bigger project BiB. Players spawn in the front of the ship, which contains the control room of the ship. The ship also contains a meeting/conference room, a lobby, and several meandering hallways. It is somewhat complete, but work still needs to be done on the ship in order for it to be completed. A majority of the ship is still under construction.


Most bases in WIJ are known as Outposts, and are named after colors.

Outpost Indigo/Outpost Indigo II

Main article: Community:SilentSwords/Outpost Indigo

This is WIJ's oldest and most well-known fort. This fort is a rather unique, yet popular, fort among the ROBLOXian community. It has over 1,900,000 place visits in both forts. Indigo was built by Owen0202, but SilentSwords has the outpost on his profile. The guns are battery 

Outpost Indigo

WIJ's Outpost Indigo

powered, which is unlike any other guns ever developed in ROBLOX. Also, in order to win a raid, raiders must access the base. This can be done by going through the cave in the side of the mountains, but in order to enter the cave, a raider must shoot down the force-field. Once the raider enters the base, they must arm the bomb for 90 seconds to win a raid. WIJ must un-arm the bomb in order to stop the raid.

Inside the base, there is the room containing the bomb, an armory, a jail, which are all protected by a wall. The raiders base, on the other side of the map, contains an armory and a fort in which WIJ or allies cannot enter.

Outpost Indigo gate

WIJ Outpost Indigo II

Outpost Indigo II was released on February 23, 2013, as a part of the WIJ developer project wARC. Indigo II hit the front page almost immediately and stayed there for a few days. Built by both SilentSwords and Owen0202, the game followed a similar format to the original. Inside the base, there are four buildings, three of which are in a mountain. The first building is the largest and is carved into the surrounding mountains. It contains the armory, jail, conference room, nerve room, and the MECAT teleporter, a cave where WIJ and the allies of WIJ spawn, and barracks. Players also have access to the room of the building. The second building, which is also carved into the wall, contains a rally room. The third building, which connects to the second, contains the terminal and the garage. A building detached from the other three contains a room that shows the four clans that WIJ has defeated in wars (The Robloxian Army, The Roblox Assault Team, The Allied Robloxian Troops, and The Raven Empire led by 2coolfireworks). The raiders spawn in a small fort at the edge of the map. The raiders' base cannot be entered by WIJ to prevent spawnkilling and the raiders' armory has all of the WIJ Trooper weapons for the same price. Recently, WIJ high-ranks have started to lower the cP of people that cross the bridge leading to the raiders' fort. This might be due to game balance.

Outpost Vermillion[Outdated]

This was
WIJ Outpost Vermillion

WIJ's Outpost Vermillion

WIJ's third fort. It was released as a part of the WIJ project BiB. Outpost Vermillion was released along with new scripting and weaponry. Located on a moon known as Ero 4, this is WIJ's most advanced base. The WIJ base and Raiders' base are located on opposite sides of the map. The base is pretty small compared to the rest of the map. There are several molten lava falls dotted throughout the map. The WIJ base contains a spawn room, jail, offices accessible by only certain members of WIJ, a Core Room which contains a Core needed in order to capture the base, as well as an armory and a spawn room. The raiders' base is carved into the lunar rocks on the opposite side of the map. WIJ cannot enter this base to prevent spawnkilling. The base contains a raider armory as well.

SilentSwords sees this as a failed project. The performance was too bad.

This base is no longer used for official raids, as Outpost Cerulean has been revived. Read below.

This was known as one of the best forts in the history of C&G.

Outpost Cerulean[Outdated]

This was one of WIJ's bases. It is a lot bigger and has a more modern look then Outpost Indigo does. Outpost Cerulean has about 300,000 place visits. This fort is the first WIJ fort to contain sectors. There are two sectors
WIJ Outpost Cerulean

WIJ's Outpost Cerulean

within the fort. WIJ and allies spawn in the first sector, which also contains an armory, a jail, and multiple buildings. The second sector contains the flag that needs to be captured in order to win a raid. There are also two entrances for raiders to gain access, making the base even more fair. One is under the moat near the entrance for the first sector, and one is in the cliffs. To get into Sector 2 from Sector 1, raiders must take a path under the wall. Also, unlike Outpost Indigo, the raiders can also gain control of the armory located in the first sector as well as the main flag. This was revived and replaced Vermillion, as a popularity poll revealed that Cerulean was much more popular and in the user's opinions: "More user-friendly, like Indigo".

Castle Cobalt [Outdated]

This is one of WIJ's oldest and hardest bases. It is actually a bunch of fortified compounds on a series of islands. Raiders and WIJ most capture the flags in the bases, and get credits in order to buy better weapons. Whoever gets more credits and captures all of the bases wins either a defensive or offensive raid. There were also 32 green cards to collect, which gave cash. Owen0202 has previously stated that a Castle Cobalt II could be created in the near future. There were small islands which had obstacle courses for green cards. One of the notable parts of this base was that there was a wide variety of vehicles

Outpost Cerulean II

On October 29, 2014, SilentSwords, alongside Sable Correspondent Voile, released a sneak peek of WIJ's new fort in the form of a halloween event. "CerOOOlean", as the event was titled, shows a grand "sneak peak" into much of the terrain of WIJ's next outpost. Little information has been released about the raid system, or the technology that will be available in the fort, however, it's almost certainly going to be wARC, and it's also the grand release of the newest form of the Rusher, which first saw use in the original Cerulean.



Troopers form the majority of WIJ. They are WIJ's backbone. You become a trooper when you join. Be active in the clan and earn cP to be promoted. There are over 47,000 members in the group. 


Specialists are Troopers that have shown skill in trainings, raids, and defenses and are getting cP. Specialists are fully fledged members that command respect. 30 cP is required to gain this rank. The name of this rank been changed due to the 2013 structural reform.


Grenadiers are Specialists that have shown to be loyal and devoted to WIJ, they are also not quite ready for leadership. 100 cP is required to gain this rank. The name of this rank has been changed and their ability to hold unofficial trainings have been revoked with the 2013 structural reform.


The first rank of authority. They have been picked for their leadership qualities. They can begin to command the lower ranks in outposts and they are able to host unofficial trainings. 300 cP is required to gain this rank. The name of this rank has been changed due to the 2013 structural reform.


Lieutenants are Officers in a position of power. They organize the group, lead raids and training sessions,sometimes they patrol the base, and at the mainframe, they are able to put in cP, submit comments to commissions and flag profiles for priority. Lieutenants have 25 overhealth shield at Indigo II but this has usually a negative affect, and has caused a lot of negative criticism. But WIJ claims that they earned it and it are just 2-3 shots that make the difference. The name has been changed due to the 2013 structural reform.


You must be active and have a high reputation to achieve this rank.  Commanders are also able to get high positions in the WIJ structure. This rank was added during the 2013 structural reform.


This rank is hand picked by the HICOM, you must be trustworthy, active and have a good reputation. Captains can hold trainings for Lieutenants and Commanders but they must get permission from a HICOM member, there can only be one of these trainings per week . One of the new things Captains can do in the Mainframe is that they can delete a person's bio on their mainframe profile.


Colonels are the higher command of WIJ. Very few WIJians will ever reach the rank of Colonels as all of them are trusted entirely by the Marshal and the Chairman. Colonels and Brigadiers focus on general administrative duties, however, they are now being given specific duties. There are two new things Colonels can do in the mainframe, one of them is handing out commendations for the best of the best, the other is viewing the task list to deal with promotions, complaints, officer commissions and other things.  The rank Brigadier was moved into this rank during the 2013 structural reform.


The Marshal is the second in command in WIJ. His loyalty lies only with WIJ and he works very closely with the Chairman and the Higher Ranks to keep the group running. The current Second in Command of WIJ is Owen0202 .


The Chairman is the leader of WIJ. He has the important function of overseeing and leading everything. The current chairman of WIJ is SilentSwords .


Like most super-clans, there are lots of unofficial divisions. WIJ is known for how strict it is about sub-groups. The divisions listed here are the official divisions of the group, owned by SilentSwords himself. Sometimes, though, members can get a squadron approval by a Colonel if you have 10+ People and they say it is legitimate.

Shock Troopers ===

WIJ Shock Troopers Logo 2013
The Shock Troopers are the most elite troopers in WIJ, and host the main division's final battle team. Often seen helping the regular troopers, they can be distinguished by their darker Mk3 combat armor. Shock Troopers are used in WIJ final battles and are renowned for being undefeated in any battle against any other clan. Groups WIJST have defeated in a battle include: TRA, RAT, TRE, LS, SM, TGI Grenadiers, PSPMC, JC, and Stonemen Mercs. They are considered to be the best final battle team in ROBLOX. This division has received a reform and new methods of recruiting players into Shock Troopers is located in the form below this.

Shock Troopers Academy


The Shock Troopers Academy (STA) is the only accepted method of learning the skills of Shock Troopers, and eventually becoming one. Members must graduate the academy in order to join the official Shock Troopers Division. Many enter, few succeed. STA was led under the Command of WIJ's Academy-Commandant JuHDude. The shock trooper academy has been decommissioned, here is a link leading to a Roblox forum explaining why:

Officer Council

Officer Council

Similar to the High Command division, the Officer Council allows officers to discuss ideas and share secret information with the High Command. It was recently created by AmazingAnt with the purpose to create more interaction between officers and HiCom members. It also has the purpose to increase officer activity. AmazingAnt soon decided to give the group over to SilentSwords to make it appear more official. 

WIJ High Command

WIJ High Command

This is a group for the high ranks of WIJ. Commonly referred to as "HiCom", the purpose of the group is to discuss top secret information, and to keep the information secret. They are in charge of the personnel, equipment, and facilities within WIJ. The information shared in this group is often top secret, and it is a punishable act if any information of the group is leaked.

WIJ Corus

Corus is a small network of broadcasters, journalists, advertisers, artists, writers and event producers of the WIJ Corporation that create WIJ themed media for the clan. Corus was created in the 2013 reforms for the more creative WIJians to show their talents in literature and art. The team of Corus work to produce WIJ themed creations to display in Newscasts on the ROBLOX forums.

SABLE Industries

SABLE is an official group created to find WIJ's best builders and put them together to create extraordinary projects. SilentSwords and owen0202 hand-picked Consultants to be main helpers in projects. When the group was opened around a week after the reforms applicants were allowed to apply via building displays, so far only a few have made the cut. SABLE's current project is WIJ Metro, where the SABLE team have created an entire WIJ themed city. WIJ Metro is currently at paid access and is still being finished by SABLE..

Notable WIJ Development Projects

Back in Business (BiB)

Project Back in Business (BiB) was a project for WIJ. This project was designed to bring new members to WIJ, and make the group more active as well. It included the release of a new base (Outpost Vermillion), new and updated weaponry, and new technology. Several things that were released for BiB have never been attempted on Roblox before. BiB was released to a very mixed response, such as Outpost Vermillion criticized for not being fair. The release of BiB brought lots of activity to WIJ.


Project wARC is the newest WIJ development project. The first phase of the project included the development of Indigo II and a new set of weapons. The first phase was released on February 23, 2013. Although Cobalt II, Sinopia II, and other developments were planned, they were never released, and only Cobalt II truly even reached a development stage. However, Cerulean II is currently under construction and is planned for release in December.

WIJ Metro

WIJ Metro is the first main project created by the elite WIJ builders of SABLE. WIJ Metro is the combined work of SilentSwords, owen0202 and the SABLE Consultants to create an entire WIJ City, not much is known about the workings of the city until SABLE plan to release it. The current build is not finished but an early preview paid access in available to see the structure of the build without any functions. It should be noted that many SABLE correspondents have noted Metro is inactive.


2ARC is the "potential" new WIJ tech currently, as this is written, being developed, SilentSwords had hinted it a few times and even hinted some of the new technology could possibly be made from other users rather than having WIJ Corp develop it. Despite rumors that this technology is actively being developed, it should be noted that these are only rumors and that SilentSwords is working on an independent game(Hex) at this time, not 2ARC. 2ARC remains unconfirmed.

Ideas hinted at by various SABLE correspondents:

  • Although an Officer Pistol was discussed, it has been concluded that it would be unnecessary, and that any "officer" weaponry included in the next WIJ technology release would likely be for pure show.
  • The return of the W18. The W18 was a shock trooper weapon specialised for wallshooting and mobility, with its shorter barrel and more compact design. It also did slightly more damage, and was more accurate than the W17.  This weapon has only been featured in W6. 
  • Vehicles from the recent WIJ Vehicle contest. Three vehicles will be used in a potential 2ARC fort. A land transport similar to Planetside2's Sunderer, an Air vehicle similar to W4's Swan Dropship, and a Mech.
  • Although a "Cobalt II" has been hinted at, any development on it has evidently ceased.
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