Current terrain water.

Impact water

This audio is played upon collision with the water terrain material. This file is called "impact_water.mp3" in Roblox files.

Terrain Water is a type of material in high scalability, which means it is used in Terrain. Like other Terrain materials, exploits can be used to ruin places, by flooding the place. It can also be used in boat ride games or decoration in Personal Servers such as oceans, pools, fountains, and waterfalls. Water is also used in the Terrain Generator script plugin. Terrain water is used in some games as it is easier using terrain water than scripting custom water. The new smooth terrain water is not cubic but instead much smoother, as the name indicates.



Players can swim in the water unless they are wearing too many accessories. Wearing no accessories allows players to automatically float upwards. 1 accessory will slowly sink the character and resistance when swimming upwards begins. Wearing any more accessories will make it more difficult to swim upwards (without jumping). Ironically, accessories will easily float on water by themselves.

Parts made from the following material will float on Water by default:

Other materials will not, just like in real life. However, attaching parts made with any of the above materials will allow non-buoyant parts to float.


Water properties can be found and edited under the ExplorerImageIndex 65Terrain class.


Terrain water color

Water with its color changed to purple.

Changes the color of the water. This affects the entire game. The default color is (12, 84, 91).


Terrain water transparency

Water with its transparency increased.

Increases or decreases the transparency of the water. 0 is completely opaque, while 1 is transparent.

NOTE: If the player's graphics settings are below 8, this will only be seen when underwater.


Increases the height of waves. 0 makes waves non-existent and 1 is the highest possible.

NOTE: Lowering you graphics settings down to 2 or lower will get rid of any waves on your screen, regardless of the actual games' settings.


Increases the speed of waves. The range is from 0 (water is completely static) to 100 (water moves at 100 studs/second).


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