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Wacky Wizards is a Roblox game created by Whacky Wizards.

General Gameplay

The main feature of the game is using and combining different ingredients in a wizard pot to brew different potions. Potions can be drank, and their effects differ depending on the type and ingredients.

Potion Book

The brewing book is the main feature used to brew potions along with the cauldron itself. It has options to drain the current liquid in the cauldron, to save the current ingredients for a potion, to spawn a potion from the cauldron depending on the input ingredients, or to spawn a throwable version of that potion for 40 in-game gems.


Ingredients can be combined in the brewing cauldron in order to make different potions. Each ingredient is associated with a certain effect. The quantity and combination with other ingredients will change the option outcome.

The ingredients are mostly stored in the brewing table. Some are already there by default, while some others need to be found around the map and placed in the table in order to get supply of them. Some ingredients are premium-only, meaning they have to be purchased through a game pass. There are a few ingredients that cannot be stored in the table.

Here is a list of most of the ingredients:

General Effects
How to Obtain
Affects the player's head or turns them into a zombie. On the starting table by default.
Rotten Sandwich
Makes the player poop. On the starting table by default.
Shrinks the player. On the starting table by default.
Giant's Ear
Increases the player's size. On the starting table by default.
Giraffe Hoof
Affects the player's speed or feet. On the starting table by default.
Pool Noodle
Stretches the player's body parts. On the starting table by default.
Explodes the player. Found under the train track.
Makes the player fly. Found on the largest tree with an obstacle course on it.
Changes the player's body part colors depending on the enviroment. Found on the tree with a branch.
Makes the player swim. Found in an underwater tunnel.
Increases the player's amount of body parts. Found inside a small tunnel in the spider cave. Requires shrinking down.
Makes the player burn. Found on a pedestal in an underground cave under the desert.
Turns things into beans. Inside bean cave. Requires an explosion to enter, expanding the spoon, and shrinking down.
Makes Robux appear from the player. Given by Oz The Wizard in the hut after defeating the Mr. Rich boss.
Witches Brew
Inverts or alters the potion's effect in random ways. Given after collecting all the special ingredients to Glinda the Witch.
Boxing Gloves
Get boxing gloves to attack player of the other team. Given as a gift by the old golem after choosing a team for the first time.
Pet Tags
Gives the player a pet. Found in the building next to the spider cave, where the player has to answer questions.
Makes all body parts and accessories into honey outline. Given after collecting all 5 flowers in the Queen Bee's hive.
Similar to Pool Noodle, but with a skin that is made out of beans. Given after defeating Bean Monster during the volcano event.
Affects the player's jump or turns them into a frog. Given as a gift by one of the goblins after fed them all with stews.
Get a firearm to shoot the player of the other team. Reaching level 9.
Alien Parasite
Turns the player into an alien. Given after destroying the UFO.
Sleepy Bee
Makes the player look like a bee. Found in a beehive under the small tree. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Cleetus's Hat
Gives the player an avatar of Cleetus. Found near Oz The Wizard's hut, behind a rock. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Jandel's Head
Gives the player the avatar of jandel. Found behind a cactus in the desert. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Foryxe's Head
Makes the player look like Foryxe. Found in the cave club behind the waterfall. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Makes the player look like PremiumSalad. Found on top of a tree. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Makes the player look like Sketch. Found in a coral near the waterfall. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Makes the player look like Jayingee. Found in the spider cave on a wall. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Cyclops Eye
Makes the player look like Mr. Rich. Found when the boss is defeated. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Makes the player look like Justin. Found inside the big bush at Oz the Wizard's Hut. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Makes the player look like KSI. Found near the tombstone. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Makes the player look like Kaden Fumblebottom. Found behind the waterfall. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Cow Head
Makes the player look like a cow. Found when given by Dumpster Diver Dan. It cannot be saved in the brewing table.
Frozen Egg
Forms ice starting from the torso of the player, and expanding to the point of covering the entire avatar. Once the avatar has been fully covered and the freezing process has stopped, the player is unable to move unless they reset their character. Bought via 150 Robux or 750 Gems.
Hat of Gears
Makes the player's body parts spin. Bought via 235 Robux or 1,300 Gems.
Zeus's Beard
Allows the player to summon lightning anywhere they click. Bought via 350 Robux or 2,000 Gems.
Magic Seed
Summons a tree on the player, making them unable to move. The tree eventually disappears, however the player will still not be able to move and is forced to reset if they want to move. Bought via 400 Robux or 2,300 Gems.
Turns the player into a vehicle. Bought via 270 Robux or 1,500 Gems.
Makes the player able to ride their pets. Bought via 3,500 Gems.
Mr. Cauldron
Turns the player into "a working cauldron". Bought via 3,000 Gems.
Allows the player to summon airstrikes anywhere they click. Bought via 650 Gems.

Events and Quests

Cyclops Invasion

Every hour, a huge boss known as Mr. Rich will appear. Mr. Rich has a monster-like head, with an expensive suit and hat. When he spawns, he will start attacking the players with potions from the sky, rolling rocks and energy balls. The players need to attack him by loading the cannons found in the center of the brewing stations with potions. If enough damage is dealt, Mr. Rich will be defeated and will drop a Cyclops Eye. Give the Cyclops Eye to Oz he will give you 20 gems (formerly 5 Hat of Gears) in return. There is also a chance that Mr. MEGArich can spawn. Once Mr MEGArich is defeated, you will get 10 gems.

Witch Quest

Three witches will be inside a cave located in the desert. One of them, called Glinda, will tell the player that they got crashed into this place, and that they need several items for the cauldron in order to make a potion and get out of there. She will then request several items with small hints to how to get them.

  • The first is a potion made out of a Chilli. Chilli can be found on a pedestal in an underground cave under the desert.
  • The second is a potion made out of a Giraffe Hoof.
  • The third is a combination of special ingredients only usable by the witches. She will request three, but one at a time. These include:
    • A Lava Flower, which is found inside the mountain volcano. This requires flying.
    • A rare Blue Frog, which is found on a rock, near the lake. This requires flying.
    • A Jellyfish, which is up the waterfall.
    • A Cactus Cat, found in the desert.
    • A Cave Bat, found on the roof of the spider cave.

Once all these ingredients are gathered, Glinda will try the potion out, only to start burning fire, saying that was not meant to happen. She will then give out part of the potion to you, in the form of a Witches Brew.

Wizards vs. Witches

A blocked cave entrance can be found near the ramp and the entrance to the bean cave. The entrance to this cave can be opened by using a Hot Potion, which requires the use of a Chilli. Inside, players must complete a small obby course that leads to a room with a big door, a giant key, and Glinda the Witch, who will express her frustration at not being able to open the door. Trying to pick up the giant key while normal-sized will ragdoll the player. If the player drinks a Giant Potion, made from a Giant's Ear, they will be able to pick it up and open the door. (Tip: Use a "Broom" Potion to get through the mini obby with ease.)

Inside, a wide room with a lava pit in the middle blocking the other side of the room. On the first side, a character known as The Collector will be, who will request a piece of the player's DNA to make a bridge. The player can do this by shrinking down (done with a potion made from a Fairy) enough to fit in the cauldron, killing the player and inserting the Player ingredient. This potion must then be given to The Collector to open a light bridge.

On the other side, a mysterious golem-like character will greet the player, stating he is an old being from the overworld that powers the oasis. As this happens, a discussion between Glinda and Oz is heard in the distance, where they basically talk about that Oz is the reason the witches are stuck there, and that they won't all be peaceful forever. The old golem will confirm that the player had met those two before, and make the player choose between the witches team or the wizards team. Regardless of the choice, the golem will give the player the Boxing Gloves. This ingredient can be used to brew a potion to grow boxing gloves and be able to attack other players. However, one player can only attack players of the opposite team.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • The game was originally called Funky Fashion.[1]
  • There are hidden messages throughout the map, including "live event 31 38 74 68 20 61 75 67", "oasis is a lie" and "you must fight, the game will be deleted!". That same message now reads "Game will be deleted"
    • In the latest version, a binary message shows, saying, "Ha ha ha, you think you are smart? Only time will tell".
    • Also in the latest version, an easter egg hints that the next live event is on the 18th of August. The easter egg is located underneath the map and you need to fly to get there.
    • Another message under the map says "lava is coming" it is under the map, you need to fly to get there.

      Sign under the bridge pit in the desert as of 8/19/21

    • Sign under the map