Winter Games 2015 was the second Winter Games event, after the Winter Games 2014. Unlike the first, universes were not featured, but instead, it took place in games made by Roblox Developers. The games featured were Apocalypse Rising, Flood Escape, Reason 2 Die and Top Roblox Runway Model, with two prizes per game. The event ran from January 19, 2015 to February 1, 2015.


Image Name Creator/Group
Apocalypse Rising Thumbnail Apocalypse Rising Gusmanak
Flood Escape Thumbnail Flood Escape Crazyblox
Reason 2 Die Thumbnail Reason 2 Die PlaceRebuilder
RobloxTopModel Top Roblox Runway Model DizzyPurple


Image Name Game Objective
Trinity Corp Ushanka Trinity Corp Ushanka Apocalypse Rising Kill thirty zombies, travel 10km and survive two full days in a single life.
Winter Snowboarding Helmet Winter Snowboarding Helmet Apocalypse Rising Collect it when it appeared at random locations all over the map.
Flood Escape Wave Crown Flood Escape Wave Crown Flood Escape Escape the facility on medium difficulty.
Winter Games Hockey Helmet Winter Games Hockey Helmet Flood Escape Collect it when it randomly appeared on buttons during a round.
Edgar's Head Edgar's Head Reason 2 Die Kill eight smoker zombies.
Winter Games Goggles Winter Games Goggles Reason 2 Die Collect it when it appeared at set locations around the map.
Top Model Beanie Top Model Beanie Top Roblox Runway Model Win a round.
Winter Games Hooded Scarf Winter Games Hooded Scarf Top Roblox Runway Model Collect it when it randomly appeared in the dressing room.

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