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A wipeout is a form of Roblox death. For example, if you get a "wipeout" that means you have died and/or been killed. A shorter way of saying wipeouts are WOs. The opposite of wipeouts are KOs, in which mean "Knock Outs" referring to how many people you have killed. This type of style is implemented into many Roblox Tycoon games and others. Your wipeouts and knockouts can also show on your leaderboard allowing to see how many WOs and KOs you got. If you get a wipeout, your wipeout increases. If you get a knockout, your knockout increases. It will show on leaderboard like this:

KOs and WOs
You can see both players have 0 KOs or WOs, the stats will increase depending on what happened. If Player2 killed somebody, then the following stuff will happen:
Player2's KOs will increase by 1, while Player1's WOs will
will increase by 1.

If Player1 killed somebody, same process happens but the KOs are given to Player1 and the WOs will be given to Player2. These stats are mostly common in fighting games.


  1. You can see all the players KOs and WOs by the number on the team color.
  2. On Armored Patrol, if you shoot someone in the safe zone, you will die but not get a wipeout.
  3. On Armored Patrol, if you reset, you get 2 wipeouts.
  4. On some tycoon games, it will tell everyone that you died and the player who killed you, if you reset, then it will tell everyone that you committed suicide.

Why KOs and WOs are important to us

It tells your brain how many times you died and killed somebody. If wipeouts weren't part with Roblox, the death system wouldn't function without the type of dying. It will still work, but it will tell the Roblox Client that there was a unknown reason and then the death system would not work at all.

The death system isn't the only thing, but the kill system would not function too! It is important for the client to read a wipeout reason then tell the client the reason and the reason would be printed. Same thing for knockouts! important for client, read knockout reason, tell client, print it, done. These functions are really important to us and if we didn't have it, the game would never function correctly and if you remember of what I told you Trivia, it would say that you died either you reset or got killed by somebody. Without a reason system and wipeout and kills system, nothing would work.

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