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Wiring was an update that was mentioned in the ROBLOX Rally. It is now released.

How to use the wiring tool

Wiring is an easy ROBLOX function to learn and a fun function to use. Wiring is setting up buttons from the stamp tool and connecting them to Wiring Elements. It is simple.

Step 1

Insert the button using the stamper tool under the wiring section.

Step 2

Set up something to wire it to. For example, a radio.

Step 3

Click the tool that looks like a transmitter tower.

Step 4

Click the orange circle connected to the button.

Step 5.

Walk over to the radio, door, explosive, treadmill, etc. and then set it up to the item and connect them, by clicking the green circle connected to the item.

Step 6.

You could wire multiple stuff up to one button or set up many buttons to one wire.

In late 2016, the Wiring functions were deprecated.

Developer Creation

Wiring systems would be creating using two classes: ExplorerImageIndex 4.pngCustomEvent and ExplorerImageIndex 4.pngCustomEventReceiver classes. However, both of these have since been deprecated, and ExplorerImageIndex 67.pngBindableEvents should be used instead.