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TIMMEH! is a Roblox experience developed by Wonder Works Studio in collaboration with StarCode RealKreek. It launched in beta on September 3, 2021, and could have been purchased for 25 Robux until the beta ended on September 24, 2021, at 5:30PM EST. Joining the game within this period would have granted the user the exclusive Goop skin and tag.

On June 2, 2022, Wonder Works Studio announced that it would discontinue development on TIMMEH! in the near future.[1]

A full list of TIMMEH's developers can be found here.

Alternate reality game[]

The experience's release through an alternate reality game that began on August 14, 2021, with KreekCraft teasing a big announcement at the end of his livestream that day.[2] After the livestream, the layout of KreekCraft's alternative Twitter account, @LateToStream, was modified to appear as if the account was hacked,[3] and shortly after it began posting cryptic messages, including morse code audio clips[4][5][6] and images containing the Wingdings font.[7] The puzzles left on this account would eventually lead users to discover the Wayfind Labverse x account, which posted additional cryptic images and GIFs before finally teasing TIMMEH's game reveal trailer on August 19, 2021.[8] The trailer premiered on KreekCraft's YouTube account the following day, and the official gameplay trailer would release a week later. KreekCraft premiered the game for the first time in a YouTube video on September 2, 2021.


The experience itself is similar to Piggy. To join a match, players must board the school bus in Wayfind Creek, which is located on the intersection of 404 Court and Sedona Lane. Once five players board the bus or thirty seconds go by, the bus will begin driving down Sedona Lane, prompting users to vote on which chapter and what game mode they'd like to play as the bus leaves Wayfind Creek. Once voting concludes, players are teleported into the selected map.

At the beginning of each map, players are prompted with a cutscene explaining the backstory behind each location. If players chose the Player Mode, one player will be selected to become the Monster, otherwise known as the Goop, after this cutscene ends; otherwise, all players will spawn at the center of the map. The Survivors have 10 minutes to complete the match and are given thirty seconds to get an idea of their surroundings before the Goop spawns. Players must work together as a team to complete the puzzles so that they can make their way towards the exit. The Goop has a faster walk speed than the player, so users must use their abilities strategically to escape the Goop if they are caught.

The Goop has the ability to attack players as they make their way around the map. The Goop's most basic attack is a Swipe attack, which can be used by pressing the left mouse click button (or by tapping the screen on mobile devices). Additional Goop abilities can be unlocked by leveling up and purchasing them in the shop.

Player Abilities[]

Name Description Cost Level Requirement Image
Sprint Get a speed boost for 4 seconds Free N/A
TIMMEH SprintAbility
Shield Immunity to Monster attacks for 3 seconds 500 Timmeh Coins Level 5
TIMMEH ShieldAbility
Intuition Reveal all item locations for 3 seconds 1,500 Timmeh Coins Level 10
TIMMEH IntuitionAbility
Repelling Field Push Monster away and stuns them for 1 seconds 3,000 Timmeh Coins Level 15
TIMMEH RepellingFieldAbility
Banana Peel Lay a trap which stuns the Monster for 3 seconds 5,000 Timmeh Coins Level 20
TIMMEH BananaPeelAbility
Invisibility Cloak Gain invisibility for 3 seconds 7,500 Timmeh Coins Level 25
TIMMEH VisibilityCloakAbility
Healer Heal another player for 1 life 10,000 Timmeh Coins Level 30
TIMMEH HealerAbility
Wall Up Create a wall in a doorway that stops the Monster. Last for 2 seconds 15,000 Timmeh Coins Level 35
TIMMEH WallUpAbility
Sludge Diminish Monster's sight for 2 seconds 25,000 Timmeh Coins Level 40
TIMMEH SludgeAbility
Dodge 45% Chance for the next Monster attack to miss you 30,000 Timmeh Coins Level 45
TIMMEH DodgeAbility
Decoy Summon 1 non-attackable Decoy that wanders around for 8 seconds 40,000 Timmeh Coins Level 50
TIMMEH DecoyAbility
Self Healer Heal yourself for 1 life 40,000 Timmeh Coins Level 50
TIMMEH SelfHealerAbility

Some of the abilities in this list become more effective as the ability is used more often. With each level earned, the duration of the Sprint, Intuition, Shield, Repelling Field, Sludge, Invisibility Cloak, Banana Peel, and Wall Up abilities extend one second; the amount of clones created with the Decoy ability increments by one level; and the effectiveness of the Dodge ability increases by 10%.

Goop Abilities[]

Name Description Timmeh Coins Level Requirement Image
Hook Pulls a Survivor toward you. Average range Free N/A
TIMMEH HookAbility
Infernal Radar Reveal the nearest Survivor's location for 3 seconds 500 Timmeh Coins Level 5
TIMMEH InfernalRadarAbility
Short Hook Pulls a Survivor toward you. Short range 1,500 Timmeh Coins Level 10
TIMMEH ShortHookAbility
Stunning Axe Throw an axe. if it connects, stuns player for 4 seconds 1,500 Timmeh Coins Level 15
TIMMEH StunningAxeAbility
Cone Hook Shoots X Hooks that pull in Survivors. Average range 3,500 Timmeh Coins Level 20
TIMMEH ConeHookAbility
Dead Run Get a Speed boost for 3 seconds 7,500 Timmeh Coins Level 20
TIMMEH DeadRunAbility
Vacuum Pull all Survivors in a short range close to you 10,000 Timmeh Coins Level 30
TIMMEH VacuumAbility
Inkwell Diminish all Survivors' sight for 2 seconds 15,000 Timmeh Coins Level 35
TIMMEH InkwellAbility
Chameleon Skin Become invisible for 3 seconds 25,000 Timmeh Coins Level 40
TIMMEH ChameleonSkinAbility
Long Hook Pulls a Survivor toward you. Long range 30,000 Timmeh Coins Level 45
TIMMEH LongHookAbility
Double Edged Sword 50% Chance your next hit takes 2 Lives instead of 1 40,000 Timmeh Coins Level 50
TIMMEH DoubleEdgedSwordAbility
Lure Put a ping on the map, just like Survivors. (Used to trick 'em.) 50,000 Timmeh Coins Level 50
TIMMEH LureAbility

Some of the abilities in this list become more effective as the ability is used more often. With each level earned, the duration of the Infernal Radar, Dead Run, Inkwell, and Chameleon Skin abilities extend one second.


  • Chapter 1 - Sedona Mall
  • Chapter 2 - Happy Chickey Diner


Name Function Cost Image
x2 Loot Box Luck Doubles the chances of lootboxes containing valuable Timmeh and Monster skins. 395 Robux
TIMMEH LootBoxLuck
x2 Monster Chance Doubles the player's chances of becoming the Monster when the Player Mode is selected. 350 Robux
TIMMEH MonsterChance
x2 Timmeh Experience Doubles the amount of Timmeh experience the player earns. 995 Robux
VIP Provides the user with various benefits, including:

- Rainbow Chroma Name and Player Title

- Exclusive Epic Timmeh Skin

- 1,500 Timmeh Coins

500 Robux
Premium Season Pass Unlocks the premium version of the season pass for season one. This also allows the player to access dozens of exclusive rewards. 995 Robux
TIMMEH SeasonPass1


Badges were added to the game on September 10, 2021.

Name Objective Image
Beta Tester Join the game before September 24, 2021. This badge is no longer obtainable.
TIMMEH BetaTester
Getting In That Cardio Use the Sprint Ability 10 times.
Master Illusionist Use the Decoy Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Illusionist
Trust Your Instincts Use the Intuition Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Instincts
Fortress Use the Shield Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Fortress
Not Today! Use the Repelling Field Ability 10 times.
Secret of The Ooze Use the Sludge Ability 10 times.
Self-Medicate Use the Self-Healer Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH SelfMedicate
Not Peeling Well Use the Banana Peel Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Peeling
Medic! Use the Healer Ability 10 times.
Cat-Like Reflexes Use the Dodge Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Reflexes
Yer A Wizard Use the Invisibility Cloak Ability 10 times.
Under Construction Use the Wall-Up Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Construction
Hook, Line and Sinker Use the Hook Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Hook Badge
Long Reach Use the Long Hook Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH LongHook Badge
Congrats, You Suck! Use the Vacuum Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Vacuum Badge
Evil Eye Use the Infernal Radar Ability 10 times.
Axe On, Axe Off Use the Stunning Axe Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Axe Badge
Cone of Death Use the Cone Hook Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH ConeofDeath
Short But Sweet Use the Short Hook Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH ShortHook Badge
Give it Your All Use the Dead Run Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH GiveItYourAll
Studious Monstrosity Use the Inkwell Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Monstrosity
Camo Time Use the Chameleon Skin Ability 10 times.
Ouch! That's Sharp! Use the Double-Edged Sword Ability 10 times.
Here, Little Fishies... Use the Lure Ability 10 times.
TIMMEH Lure Badge
Unlock The Doors! Unlock 25 doors.
TIMMEH DoorBadge
Costume Party Equip 10 different Timmeh skins.
TIMMEH CostumeParty
Monster Mash Equip 6 different Monster skins.
TIMMEH MonsterMash
Let None Escape! Kill 10 Survivors as a Monster
TIMMEH LetNoneEscape
Survive! Win a match as a Survivor
TIMMEH Survive
Unstoppable Win 100 matches as a Survivor
TIMMEH Unstoppable
Twisted Victory Win a match as a Monster
TIMMEH TwistedVictory
Ruthless Win 100 matches as a Monster
TIMMEH Ruthless
Clean-up on Aisle 3 Use the Mop ten times.
TIMMEH Cleanup
Shrewd Investor Collect 1,000 Timmeh coins.
TIMMEH 1000Coins
Hone Your Weapon Upgrade a weapon.
TIMMEH WeaponUpgrade
Razor Edged Full upgrade a weapon.
TIMMEH WeaponUpgradeMax
Vigorous Training Upgrade an ability.
TIMMEH Training
Mega-Timmeh Unlocked Fully upgrade an ability.
TIMMEH AbilityUpgradeMax
Claustrophobia Break a Wall as a Monster.
TIMMEH Claustrophobia
Carpentry Repair a Wall.
TIMMEH Carpentry
Monster Suit Obtain a new Monster skin.
TIMMEH MonsterSuit
Twisted Costumes Obtain 10 new Monster skins.
TIMMEH TwistedCostumes
Dress Up Time! Obtain a new Timmeh skin
Catch 'em All Obtain 25 new Timmeh skins.
Armed Obtain a new weapon.
Dangerous Obtain 10 new weapons.
TIMMEH Dangerous
Trainee Obtain a new ability.
TIMMEH Trainee
Adept Obtain 10 new abilities.
Learn and Grow Reach Player Level 5.
TIMMEH LearnAndGrow
Reach For The Stars Reach Player Level 25.
TIMMEH Level25
To Infinity! Reach Player Level 50.
TIMMEH Level50
Devil's Bargain Win 666 matches.
Master of the Dailies Complete 10 Daily Quests.
TIMMEH DailyQuests
Goodies! Open a Toy Chest
More Goodies! Open 10 Toy Chests.
TIMMEH MoreGoodies
Evil Always Triumphs Win a match as the Monster by running out of time.
TIMMEH EvilTriumphs
Evil Never Triumphs Win a match as the Survivor with less than a minute left.
TIMMEH EvilNeverTriumphs
Good as Gold Obtain a Gold Timmeh skin.
Sparkle Sparkle Obtain a Diamond Timmeh skin.
TIMMEH SparkleSparkle


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • TIMMEH reached one million visits on September 8, 2021, five days after its beta release. When the game launched, it had a 97% approval rating and 1.6 million visits.
  • As of September 24, 2021, the game has 18,501 likes and 549 dislikes, giving it a like-to-dislike ratio of 97%.
  • The character Timmeh is based on the Timmeh character seen in many of the videos on KreekCraft's secondary account, Kreeky.
    • Canonically, Timmeh is an eight-year-old boy who loves Roblox and lives next door to KreekCraft. Timmeh wants a free $100 Robux code from KreekCraft, saying that it would the "best day ever of his life" if KreekCraft gave him one.
    • Timmeh is based on the character Timmy Burch from South Park.[9]
  • Going AFK in the game's lobby will prompt Timmeh to say various voice lines, some of which break the fourth wall.
  • TIMMEH is currently put on hold until further notice.