• Wood as it appears in game.
  • Visible splinters when on graphics settings 3 or higher.
  • Wood blocks before the rework.
  • Wood as it used to appear in game.
2020-04-17 (5)

Wood after being revamped.

Wood is one of the many surface types on Roblox. It transforms any brick into Wood. It paved the way for many more materials which ROBLOX has added to this day.

Unlike Plastic, it has rings, which makes it look like a tree. It's commonly used as a main building material, like the Brick texture.

Wood was the first material to be put into ROBLOX.

In-game Qualities

If the fire effect got near this material, the wood would actually catch fire, as it would in real life.

It is tested that anything made of wood in ROBLOX can float on terrain water.

Wood has visible splinters when one puts their graphics settings to 3 or higher.

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